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Visual Arts in Thailand: National Artists

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199In the United States each year we have a national poet laureate and the National Endowment for the Arts as a way for the government to support and recognize artists and the work that they create. Since 1985, the Ministry of Culture has annually, on February 24 or “National Artist Day”, named a list of artists in Thailand as the National Artist of Thailand. The artists receive a 12,000 baht monthly salary (about $375, and more than I make), health expenses paid for, 15,000 baht towards funeral expenses and 120,000 baht for a memorial biography. H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej was named “Supreme Artist” in 1986, for his accomplishments as a composer, photographer and painter. But who are some of the other National Artists of Thailand and what kind of works have they produced?

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Thai Performing Arts: Thai Dancing

Culturally Curious

On thing that I really like about Thailand is how proud Thai people are of their culture. I’m always asked what I think of Thai food (same as a lot of different cuisines, I like some things and don’t like others), I’m eagerly included in events at the wat (including funerals and weddings for people I have never met) and when I ask questions about things I don’t understand the explanations are free flowing. But there is one thing that I find especially impressive, and I’ve noticed it a lot more lately as I’ve attended more festivals: the pride in Thai traditional dancing.

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Hope, Pride & Devastation

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Enough!!! I have read and heard enough of negativity in the press about Argentina’s reaction to the loss in 2014 World Cup! Argentinians have an incredible soul and the ability to celebrate life, regardless of the BRUTAL ECONOMY they are FORCED to live in! I am proud to say, that I was there last night, with thousands of locals, shoulder to shoulder – dancing, singing and CELEBRATING LIFE for many hours. Unfortunately, every country has a bunch of arrogant hoodlums, who manage to turn what was an incredibly fun celebration of country and their team, into chaos and devastation. Very sad that a small group of angry and ungrateful people have spit into the soul of thousands, who gathered around Obelisco, to celebrate life and Argentinian spirit, regardless of the loss…

Here’s a quote from one commenter on yahoo that I wholeheartedly agree with –

“What is 100% sad…. is to…

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