Procrastination, Dairy, Lent, the DMV, and Neti Pots

Today I was at the DMV. I recently moved states, so I have to change my Drivers License. Successfully avoiding it for 11 months was working pretty well, but it looks like I am going to be in Denver for a while so time to make the change. My friend, a psychology major, always told me I have a lot of inertia. That is, it takes a lot to get me to do something. Usually once I get rolling, I am pretty good at striving forward, but as they say somewhere, starting is the hardest part. I explored this a little bit in an earlier post, “Momentum and Inertia.” For some reason I can’t get the link to copy into the body of this draft, so there is another reminder that I need to learn something about websites and HTML. Anyways, I mentioned in the post that I was feeling exhausted but knew that if I just started the post, that I would get rolling. I had the idea, for the hundredth time, to write a post every day. This works well during down times, but in the middle of the last two months of school with a ton of work to do and a job and internship, it proves much harder. The point is, I was able to write the post that night, proving the short term momentum and inertia idea.

This theme is a factor in most parts of my life, case in point, the DMV. I was not motivated to even change my license until a new job required a CO state license. Getting paid is one of the most motivating issues in a Capitalist society, and though grudgingly, I am still a citizen of the Capitalist state (controlled whimsically by finances and ads, seriously its like the digital pockets of my bank account have holes, maybe like socks and underwear, its a gnome problem). Off Tangent on Target, even with this motivation it still took me three visits to get the shit, metaphor, done. Once I was late. Twice and my home address didn’t match my bank address, cuz the online banking version did not switch. Thrice and I made it. Three times as always is a charm. And thricely done never causes any harm.images (1)

Still, these problems were easily identified though maybe harder to avoid. Stop being chronically late, look at the printout before you bring it in. As with most things easily avoidable, remembering to avoid them can be easily forgettable. Those subtle mistakes are actually a part of the inertia swirling around in my subconscious and manifesting in my life. The lack of punctuality and unfulfilled requirements are just the tip of the iceberg. And an iceberg, has a lot of inertia.

Motivation is the key. As a learner I always need a reason to learn something. These days my biggest reasons seem to stem from the perspective of health. You only have one life, you also only have one body, thus it is important to take care of it. This motivation has been at the core of a multitude of changes in routine, thoughts, pursuits, and spirit over the past few years.

Take for example, chocolate milk and cereal. What do Chocolate milk and cereal have to do with motivation? Like I said, its all about health. Lots of people have mild allergies to milk, soy, nuts and of course the uber famous gluten. The reactions in the cells manifest in the organism in distinct ways. My issue was mainly with dairy. My grandpa was a dairy farmer and my family had 3 gallons of whole milk delivered daily from the time I was ten years old  until I was 19. Three gallons is a of cow juice for a family of five and we often ran out of that. Should I get to the point? Okay.

I loved milk, cereal, chocolate milk. As a competitive swimmer the stuff was indispensable. We often swam 4-6 miles per practice and in summers that total was often doubled when mornings were added. And so we replenished mainly with milk and meat and overly cooked vegetables. Every winter and for part of the spring I would get sinus infections. Pretty much at least one full blown infection per year bordered by many months of stuffiness. This would be compounded with allergies in the spring and summer. I was an epic mouth breather.

Then when I went to college, I was introduced to a new perspective, many new perspectives n fact. I found Neti Pots. This was a revolutionary. I could breathe. My nose would be clear for most of the day and then I could do it again in the evening so that I could sleep. This change greatly reduced the amount of sinus infections inflicted upon me. Better yet, I learned that I had control. Positive choices could lead to change in my life, change for the better. It is here that I mark my journey into health and self-care. For the first time in my life I was not a victim, it gave me power to realize that I could make other changes in improve my situations. I know this seems dramatic, it is.images

To be able to breathe was amazing, it improved so many aspects of my life. My allergies improved because I could clear the pollen out of my nose hairs and the mucous stuck there. No more conjunctivitis or infections and pricey antibiotics. I could play more consecutive sets of tennis and run the field much longer in soccer and ultimate frisbee (yes frisbee, hello? college).

Growth, the ability to evolve and dictate the path of life, by making choices. I didn’t have to be a victim anymore. I could decide for myself to make decisions that improved my Quality of Life. This new power didn’t develop immediately  “…the courage to change the things I can…” did not develop overnight. Though it did develop and it had a powerful effect on my path in life and allowed me to eventually embrace true freedom.

Health, was a major sector in this new growth. The Neti Pot was awesome. However, a few years later I took another step. I cut out dairy completely for a year. Dairy was the root of many of my mucous problems. The amount of milk I was drinking was damaging my health and though the neti pot was an amazing remedy for the symptoms, the cause was unaffected, until I stopped eating dairy. My digestive health improved rapidly and powerfully. I stoppe getting sinus infections completely. Learned to love almond milk. After cutting out the dairy, I did my first major diet experiment in 2012, long before the 4 month vegan project.

Being Catholic, I know a lot about Lent. I had not Practiced it in years. So In 2012 I decided to try a major diet adventure during this hallowed time. 5 days a week I would be Vegan, then one day I could eat anything I wanted, and the next day I would fast. It was Tues-Sat. Vegan. Sunday anything(usually Pho.) And Monday Fast. This event made it possible for other experiments in lifestyle design. It allowed me to think critically about my health and the choices I was making. Ushering in a new epoch of rapid evolution in my health.

Motivation is the crux, the through line. Motivation is what gets me to start, to try to jump to have the courage to leap without looking, and harder still, to leap after looking. Once these changes start to register, evolution ramps up and my emotional HGH is activated. Emotional Human Growth Hormone.

Starting is still the hardest part, but…

Life is growth, so go grow, go live.

Keep calm and curl on,


Photographic Memory Mondays #2 8-11-14 (Used to be called Remembory Mondays, but I think this is better)

I know it is tuesday again. What can I say? My spirit animals are an owl and a spider. Both dark-liking things. And I know, I was disappointed a bit when I found out. I thought I saw a Mountain Gorilla in a yoga nidra recently and I have always considered myself monkey like. More an animals later, if I get to it. (disclaimer- the owl and spider are very powerful spirits etc. I read about them in depth and can definitely see why).

And now back to the photographic memories.





Nice and Refreshing jump into the very cold waters of Lake Titicaca after the long walk from one side of Tequile Island to the other. A few hours later I got a bit of an irritation on my lower right leg. Not the cleanest of waters on the inside of the rock dock.
The moon over the Island of Amantani. After the hike to see the inevitably elusive sunset. The Sun went behind the clouds about ten minutes before it set and stayed there, still beautiful though. If you have ever been upwards of ten-thousand feet, you may have experienced the rapid shift in temperature that greets the passage of day to night. Beginning to freeze we ran down the mountain stopped at a local shop where we were surprised with Hot Cocoa and then emerged under the bright moonlight. It was so bright that we could see better without the flashlights. And the moon shining on the water was sublime. Senses get sharper as elevation increases and this was no exception.
Road Tripping with my brother turned out to be a grand adventure. When I decided to move, I knew I did not want to make the 1,700 mile drive alone. So my brother flew standby and shared the ride with me. We got to see sunrise and a great morning at Crater Lake. Then we spent time navigating half flooded roads during the flooding in Boulder last September. It was an experience.
Monkeying around on the rocks.
Vegan meals. The Four month Vegan Adventure last year, allowed me to explore a multitude of new flavors and revisit old favorites. The Portabello was a constant companion and brussel sprouts, squash, and kale were constant companions.
Lentil Vegetable soup in a bowl of Acorn Sqaush. Spaghetti squash works better for this. The Acorn Squash is rather tough. Still delicious though.
White and Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups.
The Original Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cup. These are Vegan, and phenonmenal. If you haven’t tried it I suggest you do. Comment below for the recipe, they are as easy as layered brownies or other treats, just a few extra steps. Comment Below if you would like the recipe.
Black Bean and Lime Soup with a Portabello piled high with Veggies on lightly toasted Dave’s Killer Bread. And Nice scene of the patio and yard of my old place. The Vibrant Green still stands in stark contrast to the dryness of my new locale. Even with the rain we have been having this summer, it takes a lot to turn a dessert into a rainforest.
Beet Juice. One of my most surprising discoveries of the Vegan Adventure was how much I loved Beets. Roasted, Steamed, Blacnhed and drenched in Balsamic. Beets chopped and raw with Apple Cider vinegar and Kale. And of course Beet Juice. so sweet and tasty with a little apple kale and celery. A phenomenal drink and a ridiculous cleanse. This reminds me that I need to secure a juicer.
Mustached up and ready for Bolivia and the death road
Mustached up and ready for Bolivia and the death road. A Travel mate and I ready for Movember in Bolivia. It only lasted a week though. Honestly they look friggin ridiculous. We did get straight razor shaves in Cusco, which was really cool. It is an art down there.
Draining the last of the beer foam destroyer pitcher at the end of shift. The tap at the bar of the Adventure Brew hostal dispensed the best beer I had in South America. There was one other, “Xingu” a black bean beer I had in the NW of Argentina and brewed in Brazil. It is based off of tribal beers brewed in the Amazon and is phenomenal. Back to the bar tending. The Adventure Brew Hostal in La Paz Bolivia brews its own beer. This was a rarity for me in SA, I was used to drinking Cuzquena most of the time and it was nice to have a nice microbrew quality beer to enjoy. The tap was kind of wonky though. It overfoamed a lot. So We often had to pour out the beer into pitchers and spoon the foam off. This would be absolutely unacceptable at any bar I have ever worked or drunk at, but it was okay there. La Paz man, all the expats and Hostal residers were just happy to have a decent beer. They give you a free one for every night you stay. They say pint but its a 12 oz. glass with handle. And you can trade your stay for work in the bar. This was a godsend for me. My bank account was running super low. More on that in another session. The bar work was fun, the day shift was easy, allowing me to watch proper futbol, and hang out with new travel buds while working and it had a great view which is still my screensaver. It was one of those unplanned adventures that happen so often while traveling.
Hibiscus/Ginger Tea. Both beer and the Tea was better in Bolivia. The food though was better in Cusco. This was a great way to recharge after a hard night partying after a bar shift. This was during my earlier stages of tea enjoyment. I remember thinking for a few months after word that Hibiscus Ginger was a type of Ginger. It isn’t, but it may as well be, a phenomenal combo of plant healing power.
goofy birds
These Birds are heavier than you think and the noises they make are ridiculous. The Jungle Refuge in Bolivia was our last stop on our day of riding the Death Road. The Birds were hilarious. I had a video of their ridiculous sounds. I will have to post that on a later date. The mustache is difficult to see and short lived. My Sweet Movember only lasted about a week.
12-4-12 potluck last night in cusco, bolivia, death road 273
Water Bottle falling from the sky. That is what it often feels like when traveling. since the water isn’t potable you end up using a lifetimes worth of plastic bottles. A huge waste and incredibly detrimental to the environment. Filter if you can, plastic sucks!! The scene is the bottom of the Death road, from Tundra to Jungle in less than 3 hours on two wheels. Highly Recommended, but do shop around outside the hostal to save a few hundred bolivianos and inspect the bikes!
Machu Picchu and passport finding party rum!! 11-11-12 223
That thumbs up from inca trail pal Enrico quickly turned into throbbing knees and two thumbs waaaayyy down as we descneded the stairs. Fourth day on the trail? Take the bus to Aguas Calientes. You will get to relax and hang out with your group much more. If you rode the train from Ollantaytambo, the stairs might be okay, going up to get you in the mood or going down to get out of the crowds. Also go to Machu Picchu on a weekday and not on a Peruvian Holiday. And if it rains stick around for it to pass, the people clear out and the magic infuses your spirit with the solidarity of the ancient Incas. Depending on how metaphorical you like to get. Either way fewer people is always better when in nature.
Walking down to Aguas Calientes, it is better to take the bus.
Walking down to Aguas Calientes, it is better to take the bus. I don’t know what we were thinking. Maybe we just wanted it to last longer, either way, take the bus if you did the trek, the walk down to Aguas is surprisingly long. Note on packing. Bring decent layers but pack light, it is a long trail. Waterproof footwear and make sure your poncho covers your pack, before it rains, I know I said it before, but it is worthy info. If you have trekking poles bring them, the descents can be agony. The pink topped stick saved me, thanks again nadia!
Machu Picchu and passport finding party rum!! 11-11-12 153
Third day, tenth Llama or Alapaca. I am not sure from the photo. I think its a llama because it is bigger. You can get pretty close, but they spit, and watch out for there droppings which are plentiful.

A Note on the Format. I am working on it. I am more of a writer than a design man and more of a talker than a writer, thus ramblestiltskin.

There are so many memories that I have not shared from my travels. Each of them feels like a lifetime and seems it would take a lifetime to catalog. This is my way of focusing the ADD brain into something constructive. A picture is worth a thousand words, but each of those thousand is different based on whose perspective is shared. Hence, The Photo and snippet style. It also breaks up the 1600+ words into bitable chunks. My copy is often overwhelming in volume. Mainly, this is because I do not edit. If I edited these, I would never post them. I will save that for any future guest posts or books, crosses fingers.

And if you have made it this far, I applaud your tenacity. As a voice/audience finding exercise comment below telling me your favorite memory. The memory with the most votes will get a full 1600+ post delving deeper. Maybe I will be on a limb, out to sea, up a creek etc. but I will post on any of them with the most votes no matter how silly or mundane. I will consider it a writing test of agility.

Vegan Experiment, feast your eyes

One of the best parts of the Vegan experiment was the multitude of new foods and food combinations that crossed paths with my palate.

Beets, my new best friend. I had always enjoyed beets before, but not the way I did these last four months. I connected with them wholly. I juiced them, which always added a deep red sweetness to my juices. I roasted them with oranges at the recommendation of new seasons employee. I roasted them with potatoes and marinated them in Balsamic Vinegar.

Balsamic Vinegar, the boss of sauces. I had been using apple cider vinegar for salads and marinades for the last few years. I had also been using it mixed with a lot of water and a bit of lemon to recover after workouts. But in the last two months of my experiment, I fell in love with Balsamic Vinegar. Barrel aged Balsamic Vinegar, almost as thick as honey and complex and rich as port wine. I couldn’t believe how good it was. I started adding it to my sea salt and vinegar chips. And to almost everything I ate. I found a place in my town that sells aged Balsamic Vinegar that is infused with essential oils of lemon or cayenne or garlic. They even have a chocolate flavor. As you can imagine this opened a whole new world for my taste buds.

Kale, I know I am jumping on the bandwagon. Kale is amazing. I fell in love with it last year, it and other things. Its anti-carcinogenic properties and similar taste to brussel sprouts and broccoli, when steamed, make it destined to be a tastebud pleaser. I made Kale Slaw with, you guessed it, Balsamic Vinegar. Kale chips, I threw it in salads and soups, I fried it and stuffed it into peppers and added it to beans and rice. I used it as a wrap for porto-burgers and often just chomped n it raw.

Spinach, I have been eating spinach out of a bag for years. I know it is rabbit food, but rabbits have good taste.

Necessary Shout out to…Seeds – Hemp Pumpkin, Chia, Flax, Oatmeal, Fake bread, Nutritional yeast, and Kombucha

I researched new ways to prepare vegan meals to keep me healthy and satisfy my appetite.

Here are some of the results…

Enjoy…I know I did.


wheat meat!
wheat meat!

IMG_2735IMG_5830 IMG_5829

Portabello burger with Sweet Hot mustard on Dave's Killer bread and veggie kabobs
Portabello burger with Sweet Hot mustard on Dave’s Killer bread and veggie kabobs
These would be amazing to bad I am allergic to avocados and bananas.
Vegetable Soup baked in acorn squash
Mighty Bowl in one of the few food trucks in Vancouver, WA
Beans and Rice at the Conquistador!!
Falafel at Low Bar, Vancouver WA, it is vegan if they hold the sauce. This place is amazing. They have great beer too.
Dark Chocolate Almond butter cups
Interior view of Dark Chocolate Almond Butter cup
Mexican Tabouleh
Sweet Potato Fries!!
Curried Lentils on a bed of Kelp noodles and strings of zucchini and carrots
Falafel at Jeruasalem Cafe
beet elixir
green juice
How many vegetables can you fit into your glass?
Peanut Butter, Apple, Fake bacon, Spinach
Cafe Vita Portland, Tempeh Scramble
Lentil Soup…I think this is the bowl that got me sick during the first week.
BBQ Brussels Bowl at Bye and Bye in Portland
Bye and Bye, sad out of avocado sign
Bye and Bye, Grilled Cheese and Vegan Chili
Enjoying the Brussel BBq Bowl!!!
Lunch at Blossoming Lotus. Dahl, Mac and Cheese and Sesame Beets.
Blossoming Lotus, Heirloom BLT and of course Mac and cheese
Heirloom Tomato Salad, Pre-seasoning
Heirloom Tomato Salad Post Seasoning
Blossoming Lotus, Seasonal Vegetable Pasta. This stuff is amazing.
Beet Juice at Blossoming Lotus
Beet Juice Top View
Vegan Chocolate Cake, Blossoming Lotus.

IMG_5794 IMG_5783 IMG_5743 IMG_5741 IMG_5636 IMG_5635 IMG_5628 IMG_5606 IMG_5605 IMG_5603 IMG_5602 IMG_5601 IMG_5600 IMG_5599 IMG_5593 IMG_5592 IMG_6026

Vegan Experiment…4 months later

When I started this experiment, four months ago, I intended to write about the experience consistently. The plan was to document the challenges faced and demonstrate the solutions I found. But, as my blogging has often shown, my writing impetus is often inconsistent. A slave to the whims of my situation and the well of my creativity, often dry, it can suffer in the pursuit of its stated goals. And so there are these gaps in time. I have been wrapped up in daily life lately. I was finally able to secure a job, though it was a seasonal one, and the season is now complete. This commitment drew a great deal of my time and concentration away from documenting my vegan experiment.

Coconut Curry Tempeh Sandwich. My sister let me try hers, still amzing without the avocado.
Coconut Curry Tempeh Sandwich. My sister let me try hers, still amzing without the avocado.

Despite the inconstancy of the blogging, my dedication to the Vegan Voyage has been complete. I am a very stubborn person and though I have faced many challenges in this pursuit, I have stayed true to the task.

Willpower was not a major issue.

At the end of four months, I can say that I have achieved my goal. I documented my mistakes. In June I ate a Milky Way Dark Chocolate Bar, I checked the label, saw the ingredients and ate it anyway. In July, I went to a friends party at a German restaurant. There is not much Vegan food at Gustav’s, I had a beet salad and lentil soup. The Lentil soup had bacon. I realized this halfway through eating it. Once at the restaurant where I worked, I accidentally ordered a garden patty instead of a vegan hem patty. The garden burger has a bit of cheese in it. My stomach felt it after both the Lentil soup with bacon and the garden patty with the cheese. And I worked in a restaurant, fuck no I am not going to send food back to my own kitchen.


Basic Bowl at Blossoming Lotus in Portland
Basic Bowl at Blossoming Lotus in Portland

The first two weeks were a definite struggle. I remember feeling as if I would collapse during this transition phase. After that initial struggle, my body became accustomed to the diet. I supplemented using organic brown rice protein powder, it was Sun King. It was not very palatable unless added to a smoothie. I also took sublingual Vegan B12 tabs every day. After the tabs ran out I used Liquid energy B from Yogabody in a tincture form. I believe this helped. At the very least it set my mind at ease, since all the research emphasized the importance of using a B-12 supplement.

I felt the best during the middle of June through the first week of July. During these months I was using the Protein powder in the morning and drinking 1-2 large glasses of freshly juiced veggies and fruits. It can be hard to get the right number of nutrients if you have a limited amount of time. When I had the time to make a big salad, roast vegetables, grill mushrooms, and make big batches of soup and beans and rice, I felt wholly nourished.

When I was working out heavily or working a 9-12 hour shift at the restaurant, I found the energy demands could be difficult to meet. I met these challenges as follows: Fresh juice or smoothie at work, packed lunch with a good mix of fats, carbs and proteins example apple, pear, orange, peanut butter sandwich, 1/2-1 cup of almonds and raisins. Though repetitive, it helped get me through my shifts and refuel after workouts.

The main thing I learned was that to stay healthy and keep my energy up, I had to be aware. Planning was important. I could not rely on getting a break at work at the right time, so I had to be sure I took care of myself the way I needed.


During the first week I gave myself food poisoning by eating my week old lentil soup. I wrote about that in Vegan Lessons 1 and 2. This lesson reminded me to be more cognizant of freshness of my food and led to multiple grocery visits a week, with less volume purchased during each visit.

In my third week, I went to my normal Hot Yoga class with a friend. As the class progressed I felt weak and a mild headache began in the front of my forehead. I continued through the class, but felt more and more of a challenge.  After class, I discussed my issue with the Yoga teacher. My usual large can of coconut water, had little effect and she suggested I take an electrolyte supplement. As I headed out the door I paused, retreated to the restroom and proceeded to vomit two times. I felt so bad, that I just wanted to get home. The friend I was with works at Super Supplements, which was on the way home and luckily they were still open. I got three packets of electrolytes, a can of coconut water and a raw food bar. I immediately took two packets and ate the food bar and sipped the coconut water on my way home. When I arrived I took the third packet and slept for three hours. When I awoke, I felt refreshed, but also realized the danger I put myself in. I have a tendency to endure physical suffering to an extreme without changing anything. This is helpful when training, but can destroy ones health in certain arenas.

After this experience, I realized I had to maintain my vegan nutrition with vigilance if I wanted to continue my physical activity. I ended up reducing my practice significantly and adding the Brown rice Protein, hempseeds, and flax seeds to my diet. This is the greatest challenge for me with being Vegan. I have a high caloric requirement just for my day to day functioning. I also enjoy excessive amounts of exercise, from all types of Yoga, Tennis, Cycling, Hiking, Soccer, even an occasional run. I know that with the right combination of quality foods I can sustain myself, even soy and gluten free. It is this that I have to keep in mind for my future dietary excursions.

I know that an active vegan lifestyle is possible thanks to many people, but the first to show me the way was the mustache man.

Positive Growth

Blossoming Lotus's Mac and Cheese
Blossoming Lotus’s Mac and Cheese

When juicing, my energy was amazing. I don’t drink coffee or heavily caffeinated tea. But when I drink those juices I feel a great deal of energy that lasts. This was a great discovery and it is something I know I will implement in my future diet. Supplements are okay. As long as you are conscious about your use of value adding supplements, there is no problem with them. The problem arises, when you substitute them for healthy practices, like relying on vitamins instead of eating vegetables or coffee instead of sleep. These are simple but true examples.

Adventures in Vegetables. From Juicing to roasting, sauteeing to steaming,  and grilling to raw eating I experienced new foods and old ones in new ways. There will be more on this in a later post.

My digestion was phenomenal throughout the project and my sinuses were clearer.

I felt lighter after meals and could snack all day.

I lost about ten pounds initially, this has leveled out to 7 pounds less than my average, currently 178.

Cultivating my Metamorphosis

This experiment taught me that Vegan is possible. My willpower is strong enough and my taste buds are adaptable. Eating whole food and avoiding processed foods whenever possible has led to a multitude of wondrous new tastes. I am fine without meat or animal products, lowering my carbon footprint and reliance on an energy draining system. The challenge will be maintaining an active lifestyle and my health. I can do this by maintaining honesty and awareness of my dietary needs. And finding inspiration in those forging the path.

“Four months is a very short time, but I want to test it out, at the very least I can eat a bunch of different food and learn new ways of cooking while lowering my carbon footprint. If I can do this and stay healthy, without having to take to many supplements, I will extend it onward.” From my voyage starting, “The Veganing.”

Aside from a few minor bumps, I have achieved my goal. The four months is over. I am giving myself a three week period to re-evaluate my diet. With the chains to the old patterns broken I am free to explore my nourishment without hindrance. I am not sure if I will stay completely Vegan. I will post an update after my three week free period. If I follow through with my intentions.

Special thanks to: for inspiration and smoothie recipes for vegan and raw nutrition advice and supplies.

Bikram Yoga Fremont for always testing the limits

Blossoming Lotus, making vegan food so much better than I can at home.

Anyone who actually read the entire 1500 plus word post 🙂

Eat vegetables,


Hapless Vegan Lessons 1 and 2

Hapless Vegan Lessons 1 and 2

When I began my 4 month foray into Veganism, I fully intended to update my progress frequently and diligently. I knew that this particular journey would be accompanied by a variety of difficult trials and tremendous discoveries. Going forward I learned that, even though my documentation skills fell short, the adventures were abundant. This will be the beginning of a loosely organized series of Vegan Lessons. As with all of the weird little things I do, I am trying to challenge myself to make myself grow. In the absence of a round the world ticket, a university program, or the advice of an enlightened spiritual guru to follow, it is this. As always the path isn’t altogether clear and distinct, instead its curly and rambly. Now, let’s see if I can adhere to these stringent guidelines. Read on if you have a strong enough stomach 😉

Possibly my favorite show ever
Technically eating Fry would be Vegan, cuz he is not sentient, he lacks the Alpha D brainwave


Day 1- As things often do with me, it began fast. Thinking ahead, I had made a big batch of Lentil Soup for so I had something substantial and delicious for my first few Vegan Days. It was a recipe from Joy of Cooking, Lentil Soup with Greens. The Greens were Kale and the Bacon was withheld. I feasted on this double batch for a few days before the 6th. I ate a big bowl that day about two hours before my Yoga Class.

Vegan Lesson 1 – Just because there is no meat or dairy, doesn’t mean it can’t go bad. On my way to Yoga I had to stop and throw up vigorously, 3 times, by the side of the road.

I have always had a strong stomach, so this reaction surprised me. I felt way better after throwing up though, so I decided to go to Yoga anyway.

Vegan (yoga) Lesson 2 – Don’t go to Yoga if you have (self-induced) food poisoning.

I made it through the standing series okay. Though I felt wobbly and worse than ever before, including the double classes I have done. I decided to avoid the floor series, which can cause nausea on its best days and excused myself.

It felt awful, I had never left the room before. And when the cool air hit me and I laid down for a few minutes it felt worse. I thought I could have stayed. Then, I stood up and took a characteristically large gulp of water. I am known to drink a lot of water at a time, sort of a lifelong habit. About 10 seconds after that, I ran to the bathroom and threw up vigorously again, 3 is the magic number. So I was right to evacuate the space.

And after some reflection, I realized that I need to ease up on myself sometimes. I made it 11 months in hot yoga practice without leaving the room. If food poisoning is my line, its a pretty good line to have.

And that is what I learned on Day 1. I still struggled with the diet and have a few more overly detailed experiences to share,squirrel checks ingredients but after feeling like my body would collapse from lack of nutrients, I settled. Now I am flowing with it.

After the first two weeks, I found solutions to the problems I encountered and the difficulties transformed into positive experiences for growth.

I learned a number of new recipes and have discovered a vast array of new ways to eat. I will share some of my favorite recipes in the coming weeks. My tastes have changed and broadened even faster than I thought possible.

What I have learned so far, these 24 days, is that it is possible. This is only the beginning and I strive to discover new ways to nourish myself on this plant based diet. I know that there is hope, that I can continue for the entire four months. Furthermore, it won’t be a burden but a dynamic and revelatory experience. After all, the crux is growth.

“Don’t go through life, grow through life.” Eric Butterworth

Stay tuned for more self induced lessons from this hapless vegan.

Last Non Vegan Day

It was hard to choose what meals I would eat on the last day before the four month vegan culinary journey. The indecision was no problem though, because everything fell perfectly out of Portland’s blue sky. Yes summer in the Northwest is here. The magical 4-5 months where the green on the ground and the blue in the sky meet in perfect harmony and all of the rain soaked spirits rejoice and brighten showing their most abundant happiness. A good day to start a Vegan Adventure.

I woke up, then ate my customary bowl of cereal. Breakfast has been Vegan for the last two years anyways, since my usual fare is a bowl of cereal, pumpkin raisin crunch usually with almond milk. Steel Cut oats with a topping of almonds, almond milk, and brown sugar alternates with that. So breakfast is not anything to worry about.

Three 2 ounce cups of chocolate perfection.

My friend Dan from high school was in town for the day, so I had to show him a quick four hour sample of Portland. So we went to Cacao for two flights of Drinking Chocolate. The Chocolate is made with cream, it is a rare treat and a perfect thing to have to prepare me for this experience. The Spicy kind was the best, though I did really enjoy the cinnamon flavor. Dan couldn’t believe that they had that kind of thing and is hoping that Denver will have a place like that soon.

Three Pots of Ayurvedic T
Three Pots of tea

Then we went to the Tao of Tea. There we consumed 3 pots of Ayurvedic tea along with spinach wraps and the best dal I have ever had. So meal number two was also Vegan. There are lots of Vegan options in Portland, which will make the experience smoother.

So I said goodbye to Dan and it was almost time for dinner.

I wanted to have Pho, because 4 months will be a long time to go without it. The bad news, it was sunday. So all of the pho places I loved were closed all day or at least by 6pm. Poor planning on my part, is that a side effect of the Vegan diet? Oh no! I am losing my ability to think already. Just kidding. I went to one of my favorite Thai places instead, luckily they keep later hours.

At Thai Little Home, I had the Tom Kha soup with squid. It was something new, creamy with mushrooms and large rings of squid. And of course my favorite dish of all time Salmon Pumpkin Curry. It was delicious and creamy as usual. The perfect pumpkin wedges soaked up the curry and the salmon flaked off immaculately.

Tom Kha soup with squid
Tom Kha soup with squid
Salmon pumpkin curry
Salmon pumpkin curry

That was it Drinking chocolate, squid and salmon. I am really going to miss Pho and seafood. I don’t really care about Land meat, except for the broth they use to make pho and ramen. If there was a way that I could eat environmentally sustainable fish or raise my own somehow with some giant underpopulated fish farm, I would. That will be my greatest challenge, the lack of seafood. But I will just keep calm and carry on goin’ vegan.

I have done the research, the vegan cookbook has been creased, and the Vitamin B-12 ’twill be here shortly. At the worst I will lower my carbon footprint for a few months and try a bunch of new foods. At the best I will find a new healthier way of living that I can sustain during my active lifestyle. Not to mention all the things in between.

And so the Vegan Culinary Journey begins…

The Veganing

There are many kinds of adventures in life. I shared my experiences in Peru and Bolivia and have been conducting my own continuous Yoga adventure.

Now I feel, is time to start a new one. This one will be food based. I have always been the kind of person that experiences the world through food. New places and new tastes are synonymous with joy. The foods I eat are eclectic and I will try almost anything I am not allergic to. By the way, I am allergic to bananas and avocados, sucks right?

I am always up for a challenge, and I love to explore new tastes in all their delectable details.

And so…

May 6th, 2013, will mark the Veganing.

I modestly propose to my body that I will be Vegan for the next four months. keep calm vegan

When September 6th, rolls around, I will evaluate and decide what do next.

The Veganing as defined for my purposes here is the beginning of my Vegan journey.

And now the digital form of the same question I have been answering in person for the past two weeks.

Why Vegan?

Well…because I can. And If I can, I must.

This is not a sufficient answer in itself, but it does answer a great deal of the abstract parts of the argument. I always love a challenge, and I enjoy (am absolutely fanatic about) trying new food. This can be seen in the many food based adventures I went on in Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina.

Why not Vegetarian? I already ellminiated dairy, because it causes congestion in my sinuses and leads to sinus infections in the winter and causes greater problems with my allergies in the spring.

It will be a challenge that will I believe I can meet. Last year, I tried something similar during lent. The first time I participated in lent since high school (note: still haven’t gone to church in many years, the time of lent just gave me the opportunity to experiment.) It was a food based restriction. the experiment was as follows.

Tues-Sat.       Vegan

Sun. –              Anything

Mon –              Fast

It was an interesting experience. It definitely made me grow. I broke fast one time during the whole event. The interesting thing was that I was able to eat Vegan on my Vegan days the whole time. Then on Sundays I would usually go for Pho or grilled Salmon and sometimes ice cream. The fast on monday would begin the cleanse and then the Vegan days would continue it.

I discovered my taste buds expanding to improve a whole host of foods that I would have normally would have liked. It made me love these foods. Things like Kale, Peppers, and seaweed. I started eating brussels sprouts raw and spinach by the handful as a snack.

Of course I downed a lot of carbs too. Mostly Oatmeal and Pumpkin Raisin Crunch Cereal with almond milk. I ate tons of almonds and peanuts and granola to get through the day. And of course peanut butter sandwiches on Dave’s killer bread and bowls of Annie’s Lentil Soup became my lunch hour staples.

The Vegan-Everything-Fast experiment showed me it was possible.


This time around I am going into it with a lot more thought. To make sure I can continue and sustain myself for four months or more. There is not point setting up expectations, but I do want to get the most out of my journey and I want to enjoy it.

That means keeping the culinary extravaganza lively. To this effect, I am combing through “The Joy of Cooking,” to find great recipes that are already Vegan or can be converted. I am also using “The Veganopolis Cookbook” as a great beginning into the world of Vegan cooking. It is written by David Stowell and George Black who ran the Veganopolis Cafeteria in Portland from 2003 to 2008. I wasn’t Vegan then so I never got to enjoy their cooking, but at least now I can try to recreate some of their amazing recipes. I plan to make a Puerto Rican Style 3 Bean Stew from the book this weekend.

Ensuring my Veganacity, Vegan Tenacity, by cooking delicious food is one of my strategies to make prolong my experience. With some good staying power and kitchen skills, I may be able to turn it into a lifestyle. Which of course would mesh well with the nonviolent ethics of Yoga, already a large part of my life.

So is it just about the challenge and the chance to try new foods and increase my the strength of my taste buds? No it is not.

There are the other arguments as well, and they are important. I will not go into them in detail, partially because I am not an expert, there are plenty of resources to find out about it all. They are as follows.

Industrial meat and bird farms and distribution- Energy use is demanding, animal waste is hard for environment to absorb,  seeing the treatment of animals there is too difficult to stomach.

Industrial fishing – Collapse of fisheries around the world, including Nova Scotia.

Farmed Fish – Problematic, sanitation and GMO possibilites

Organic Animal Farms – Not enough of an improvement. Lack of guidelines as to what constitutes organic.

Thea above are just a few of the reasons that made me realize I at least have to try it. They are also not meant to convert anyone. They are simply the reasons that finally pushed me from a plant-based diet that included fish and sometimes chicken to a full Vegan Diet.

There are so many problems in the world. And it is rare to find an issue that one can actively participate in Daily. I eat food, a lot of food, everyday. By choosing to eat this way I can actually do one small thing.

And while it may be “no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?” David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

So I will be Vegan, because I must be, just for me. The same reason I must do Yoga and Meditate.

Four months is a very short time, but I want to test it out, at the very least I can eat a bunch of different food and learn new ways of cooking while lowering my carbon footprint. If I can do this and stay healthy, without having to take to many supplements, I will extend it onward.

And I will see where this journey leads.