This is where I will gather posts that don’t fit a specific trip. The ones that have more of a focus on an idea rather than an experience.

Until I figure out how to post my previous relevant posts to specific pages, I am going to have to just copy and paste this here.

A Curly Adventurer’s Pre-ramble

Life is filled with obstacles, there is a zen saying that says “the obstacle is the path.”

It is one of the hardest things to accept that the best way around a problem is straight through it. There is no one way, no one truth for happiness for life is diverse. Life is infinite divergence, no one truth exists; there is only perspective and experience. That is what we all must gain, a wider lens through diverse experience. George Carlin once said, “Trying to be happy by accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body.” He was right pretending we are happy by disguising our lives with material possessions is a waste of the human mind, body, and spirit.

A traveler’s soul is unsettled when stationary. Mine has been awakened with an abundant vigor. I have seen three years of the stationary post college, settled life. This is not desirable. The world is flat; there is no reason to stay in one place. I am called outward. My heart, my soul, my intuition tells me to dive into the world. There are many ways and many paths, but the most important thing is to listen to yourself. That is how we find our true harmony with the world. A wise woman once told me, “The best thing about life is when you are in those incredible serendipitous moments following your intuition and find yourself in awe thinking, ‘what is happening? Is this real? And it is real.'” This feeling of magical disbelief is more enlivening than anything external. It is true experience.

It is this feeling that I seek. Introduced many times this summer, adventuring locally, I can see that there is so much world to see and so many places to be. At last I am alive. For many years, I repeated the mantras I want to travel, I want to write. And all those days of thought and dreams have culminated into this answer. Travel. Live. Write. Love.

My travelers soul has a bunk mate deep in my being. That is a writer’s whim. The traveler and writer have been hibernating deep within this curly corporeal form, but no more. They emerge. The purpose of this blog is to document those magically serendipitous moments and the journey between them, while providing a vehicle and a purpose for the pen, or the keyboard, to present itself.

I hope to entertain, inspire, astound, make nervous, tickle, prickle, enliven, connect with, share adventure with a wide audience or perhaps only my family and close friends. I want to demonstrate that a life of travel, fulfillment, and experience is possible even if you only make minimum wage…for now. People often get caught up in the rat race of accumulation of things, wages, work, and of course debt. But as a young person just starting out the best thing we have is our open minds and our open hearts. Now is the time to see the world. It is time to plug-in to the real world outside of our safe little bubbles. I’d rather be broke and have a brilliant story to share then cower in safety looking forward to a day when I finally have time to live.

The impetus for this project is my imminent trip to Peru next week. I am leaving for Cusco via Portland, Denver, Miami, and Lima tomorrow.

In short, I plan to follow my heart and find happiness through a richness of experience. I hope to reveal the path of life.

Viva Aventura


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6 thoughts on “Philosophy

  1. Nice post – just to say, you can’t restrict pages to types of post unless you buy a site.
    The best way I’ve found is to have categories, and then put posts into the right category. Put the Category menu higher up your sidebar so it’s easily seen. When someone clicke the category, only posts ticked with that category show up. (make new categories in the ‘new post’ menu on the dashboard. Tick the category when writing your new post (it’s on the right) and use tags too – they help people find your posts in the WP reader)
    Happy blogging

    1. Thanks for the encouragement and the info. I did not realize you had to pay to do that. I will try the category option as soon as I can. I was hoping to keep it streamlined to start, since I have a lot of plans for posts and I don’t want it all to get to cluttered and inaccessible. Thanks again!


  2. You have a well thought out mission statement. I love your perspective on life, and your sense of adventure, congrats on living your dream!

    1. Thank you! I am glad you like it. I just hope I can keep living my dream. The dream is strong and anything is possible. The hard part is changing the dream into reality, but there is nothing more worth the effort in all the world.

  3. My thoughts are echoed in yours. I am going to Brazil in a few weeks to see a well known spiritual healer. I would never have even considered a trip like this 10 years ago or even dreamed it would be done in my lifetime, but here I am on the way to get my travel visa!

    I’m after that “is this real?” feeling that you describe and I’m finally clear enough in my vision to begin to see what is “real”.
    Maybe we’ll bump into each other one day at Machu Picchu!

    1. Sister you so savvy!

      Your trip sounds amazing. I was not able to get to Brazil last year when I went to Peru and Bolivia. But I did get pretty close a few years ago in Argentina when I was at Iguazu Falls, definitely check that out when you are in Brazil, if you can. It is like Niagra falls except there are more than ten of them and it is in the jungle.

      The “is this real?” feeling is there to be found. Not just in wondrous adventures to South America and beyond, but inside you, you just have to allow yourself to see those moments to experience the awe-some in every day life.

      Flip the paradigm, follow your heart and ride the big magic bus of life.

      Your blog is awesome, I already bought the book. Great work Sister!

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