I was born in 1985. I have seen Columbine. 9/11 was my 16th birthday. I have witnessed the radical and dramatic shift of technology. I have guided my elders in navigating the sea of newness.

This is something I am proud of.

I am proud of my acceptance of others. We are the most inclusive generation of voting age.

Trump is not our fault. The conditions that led to the creation of Trump and Bush And even Obama were put in place years and years ago.

People make such a fuss over the legacy of presidents and ignore the legacy of generations of people.

We purport to be of the people by the people for the people. Young People are still people.

And I am reminded by many that each generation is likewise blamed for the ills that were created by their elders

As Children are blamed by their parents. Generations of children are blamed by parents.

I pose that the Millennials are a generation comfortable with change.

So perhaps we can look forward to a much more comfortable future of generational understanding. Perhaps we, as a generation will not blame our children for our own anxiety in the face of coming change.

Gay marriage, Rights and protections for LGBTQ, Occupy, Strong Resistance to Tea Party, Black Lives Matter, Mental Health Awareness, Reflection, Artists, Writers, Makers, Business creators, Researchers,

The boomos had the cars. And they moved about like people never had before. Have you ever had a boomo berate you for not understanding the intricacies of oil and brake fluid and windshield wiper fluid and tire pressure while asking you to create an email or find their password. Or turn on the TV?

Understanding and empathy are good.

Compassion exists, love is not a weakness,

Proud to be a snowflake,


“Earth is the material world – without any recognition of G-dliness; water is the knowledge of G-d – divine energy without any containers. Thus snow, being half heaven and half earth provides the perfect intermediary between these two worlds.”