The top three things my dad believes about millenials and their relationship with our country.

This is an interesting list to do. I just had a really nice conversation with my pops about Politics.

Please note, these three things are very personal. Basically they are three statements that he said in five minutes about his view of my relationship with news and the values of this country. They are certainly ideas that exist. Their validity and relationship with reality however is a bit tenuous.

1. They don’t listen to the news.

This is an interesting one. I think my pops may be confusing listening and agreeing. I certainly do listen to the news though there are a ton of things that I do not listen to. I do a lot less listening than reading. Reading is more interesting to me, because I get a little bit of freedom of choice. There is a choice in what stories I consume and I don’t have to listen to the media outlets dumbed down version of events. I can do some research into the idea presented and can weigh differing opinions. I think the missing link here is that he believes that if I actually listened, considered and understood the new, that there is no way that I would not agree with the news that he enjoys. This i believe is part of the problem. I do listen to a lot of news and I have the lucky ability to MAKE UP MY OWN MIND, and not be tied down by agreeing to the statement shoveled into my face by the 24 hour news system. So there is one.

2. I don’t know how this nation was founded.

Well, I believe that magical faeries came down out of the sky and god said, “and may justice ever be under me and may the white men flourish in the land.” “Let the angelic milky skinned people, my beloved run rampant like an enchantment wiping the red skinned from the world.” And God continued, being ever so longwinded, he continued, “May the white people burn the homes of the red, may they destroy their way of life.” and praise be to god. “The white people have my blessing to slaughter everyone they see fit to slaughter and rape this land into their own image. For the world is yours blessed, oh blessed whites, and may you shun every immigrant to this land like lethal fraternity initiation and continue to propagate division where ever you go.”

3. He does not believe that I understand what our freedoms are.

I think the issue here is that he also believes that the only issue is the right to bear arms. That this is the only thing that matters. That all roads lead through the right to bear arms. This is interesting as there are actually other laws that are fairly important and independent of the ability to wield fire arms.




One thought on “The top three things my dad believes about millenials and their relationship with our country.

  1. I was smug-reading the other day–the comments on the DONALD TRUMP HAS BEEN ELECTED PRESIDENT article–and this girl was like “my dad, who is super nice but voted for Gary Johnson in a SWING STATE, just wrote me a facebook message saying everything was going to be fine. It was all I could do to hold back from cussing him out.” Then some other girl was like “seriously, totes fuck your dad,” and a bunch of people “liked” it and I remember thinking “wow, what a cool dad.” It’s extemely hard to listen to your dad talk about politics and actually hear what he has to say–even for me, with my liberal-ass dad–but we should all be doing it more. Bravo, Curly Adventurer!!!!!! (seriously, though, totes fuck your dad :p

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