Sleeping Well

Insomnia is a constant companion through life. I spent about 4 days running on 4 or fewer hours of sleep, one night I didn’t sleep at all.

I was struggling with the idea of taking really heavy sleep medication that didn’t work four days in a row. That’s when a friend said I should try an edible. The ones he took the day before put him to sleep easily.

I remember eating edibles in college and having them a few times post legalization. I thought it over and figured I might as well try it. I took two servings the first night and slept about 8 hours. The next day I felt kind of groggy, but I was relieved. I then took 20mg a night the next two nights and finally feel rested again.

Sleep issues are a difficult foe in the game of life. Sleep rarely comes easy for me, especially in spring and summer. As of the beginning of May, I have all the energy. It is a relief to find something that actually works, that is reliable, and that I don’t need a prescription for. Cannabis infused chocolate caramel, an indica strain. The effect can be strong, so i took it slow, but it worked. And I am grateful for the sleep.


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