Reflection: Internal Kindling

Life is long. Learning is hard. Growth is pain. There are many moments of regret, of despair, of misery. Waves crashing eroding spirit. The violence of the storm clashes dramatically with the joy of the heart. The blue sky, light floating moment of love. The foggy mornings and mysterious trees. A sunrise, as sunset. Even the beauty of a sunset happens every day. If you miss it, catch it tomorrow. Relax breathe, trust yourself. your path. Reflect to stoke the inner fire. Dream to catch your wild desire. Inspire.

Don’t get stuck in the rearview mirror, though, you don’t want to crash after all. Nobody wants to crash, shit happens. And when it does learn, reflect grow. The painful soul expansion worth it in the end. Each day, each moment.

Stop. Sit in your sadness, cry it out, sweat it out. Feel the sad. It allows you to feel the joy. If you at once become comfortably numb, wake yourself up. We are not robots, we are apes with big brains. It is worth it.

Focus on small moments…

“Timing. Synchronization. I am sitting at the dinner table, hunching over my notebook. Remembering I should not hunch so much.”




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