Cruelty is the most primitive form of oppression

There are those that will not care. Those that will not understand. There are those who will not even try. There those that will ridicule and hunt you to the ends of the earth. They will curse your children and hate you with all of their power.

Know that it is because they desire your light. It is the reason to shine on. To shine brighter. To weather the laughs of amusement that slide so quickly into cruel mocking smiles.

It is because they are ignorant that they cannot see.

Thus shine on. Shine brighter.

The stars in the sky are your guide.

The star gazers and admirers your allies.

The Dark is endless, but that makes us shine brighter.

Know that they envy your gifts as the great lights before them.

The light that shines forth from behind your eyes is offensive.

Because it reveals their true selves.

Pity the low base creatures.

For you are the servant of the light.

Your joy and laughter erodes the structures.

And soon all will be free.




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