On Presence and Balance

This is from early last year. I am in a place where I need to be reminded of balance and presence. Looking far into the telescope or staring to intently at the looking glass is a practice in finding your fear. It is great to go ahead and find it, but you (I) have to move past it. Jump the Ocean from India to Sri Lanka and crush the fear that leaps out of the ocean. Courageously leaping, Balance maintained, and joyous in the journey.

In Courage
With Balance
EnJOYing it all,


IMG_6279 A new year, a new hope, a new commitment to growth.

Cultivating joyous presence in the moment.

It seems daily that I am reminded to be present in the moment. Selective hearing and absorption has made this advice not only hard to swallow, but difficult to incorporate into my subconscious thought process.

I am in a sense, a bundle of nerves. We are all a bundle of nerves, tissues, cells etcetera, but I am speaking in the metaphorical sense in this moment 🙂

Life can be a struggle. To find happiness and harmony in the moments is a great challenge for me and this is probably the reasons why I am constantly reminded to be present in the moment. We get what we need form the world around us, as long as we are tuned into our senses and aware enough of the knowledge floating around.

This year, in addition…

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