Why Foam Rolling is NOT myofascial release: Part II – suggesting alternative methodology

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A while back I posted a video entitled “Why foam rolling is NOT Myofascial Release (nor is instrument assisted soft tissue techniques)” where I outlined an argument, as the title suggests, that the mechanism of both foam rolling, and instrument assisted soft tissue techniques is not myofascial “release.” The main premise of the argument being that neither can provide directional force input to the underlying tissues and thus cannot stimulate soft tissue restructuring over time. I at no time question the usefulness of the techniques; I am simply questioning their mechanism of action.

In part two of this discussion (found below) I again explain why I don’t think a logical argument can be made that foam rolling will lead to a structural change in soft tissues. I then suggest a way of modifying the application to better fit what is known about how soft tissues/connective tissue responds to loading…

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