This post is just a thought. A thought about fall. The favorite season of yours truly. Fall is when there is the most UV B rays hitting earth. That must be why it is so awesome. Fall is the time of change, it is the cooling, the long exhale after summers sweat and exhilaration. The season is for the romantics, for the deep thinkers. Those that change constantly and reflect as they go. Fall is the time for apples, for halloween and preparation for sharing big meals and getting ready for the fastness of the winter winds.

Fall is amazing. It is beautiful, it is refreshing. Especially for those with allergies, the fall brings relief as the world transitions and recedes back onto itself. The tide goes out and the depth of the world is revealed. It is not a time for silly giddy happiness like summer. Nor a time for bursting out with the vivacious energy of spring.Colorado-fall-776214

Fall is for the observers, the thinkers, the writers, those that while joining the party are always swimming in their heads with work unfinished ideas unexplained, roads not yet walked. I don’t like to call it Autumn. That seems to pretty to me. I like the abruptness of the one syllable. And the synergy that occurs between spring and fall, and summer and winter with two. 

Change is the key here. Fall is a time of serious change. While winter and spring do bring forth a degree of change. The juxtaposition of fall and winter is more stark (GOT). I know this is early and I am attempting to stay present in the summer, but I cannot wait until fall. 

This year I am doing something wildly impulsive and at the same time perfectly pragmatic.

You see, a few months ago, I received a letter from myself that I wrote during the Junior year retreat. It is a letter that celebrates life and community and adventure.  A letter that looks forward, something I am always good at, and shouts to the world. HEY! Live your Life!. 

In the letter their were some optimistic hopes expressed and a whole lot of gratitude for the high school class that I was eventually kicked out of. I kept a curly path in high school too.

There was one thing in particular, that struck me in the face. 

“Oh and you better have been skydiving already man, cuz that I bet that is awesome.”

Here I am 11 years later. And I have not. There is always some crazy thing in the way, like not having any money. That is the most common obstacle. Anyways it is time to put all obstacles aside.

Thus, I will celebrate this years fall season by literally falling into it. I will skydive the equinox at Out of the Blue Skydiving. Thanks to those who provided the inspiration. And now I can check that off the letter. 

A true adventure to start my favorite season. 

This one is for the fall,





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