Hope, the adventure of life

I recently saw X Men Days of Future Past and it reminded me why the X-men was always my favorite cartoon.

The power of it may have eluded me those early mornings as I would rush downstairs to watch Cartoons. I admit it, I was never into comic books as a youth. I found the images somewhat distracting and had a hard time figuring out where to read next. Plus, as a reader, I don’t like to know what is going to happen before that part of the story. And the visual details of graphic comics always let me know to soon what was going to happen.

Still, I loved the X-men cartoon and destroyed my meager allowance with trips to the, hugely overpriced arcade to play the X-men video game.




Colossus was always my favorite.

I never had a console until I was older, so the only chance to play X-men was at a few friends houses, by the time console gaming was popular and cheap enough, they weren’t making games like those anymore.

The temporary nature of those exchanges added a certain magic to the experience. It was only saturday mornings or all night sleepovers where lack of sleep and mind altering effects of staring at a screen all night heightened the magic of these encounters.

I am not here to praise the movies or argue about plot points and timelines. I just love the story.

The kinship any child, teenagers especially, feel to the X-men should be obvious. To feel so alone at times, not understanding where you fit in the world. Dealing with hormones that seem at times to have their own mutant-esque effects. To be an outcast, whether for real or of your own making, it is the common thread. And to be able to be there on the outside making the difficult choices and continuing to fight for what is right, despite the many forces that push against you.

Hope, as Professor X says is the most important thing.

Whether you are a kid dreaming of growing up to be an astronaut, a young athlete yearning for a scholarship that will make the difference in your future, a parent just hoping to keep their family afloat, or a college grad 20-something millennial searching for your path and trying to achieve lift off. Hope is the thing that you can’t lose. It all takes work and no matter where you end up, what path you follow, and what opportunities arise. It is hope that all of this is for something that keeps us all alive.

People need a purpose. And maybe I couldn’t see it then as I reveled in the stories of my youth. But life is here and now to made real, better than any story. To dream and to hope and to work that dream into reality. That is the adventure of life.

To your Free Life!



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