On Organization


This is a constant on my to do list. Organize schoolwork, organize notes, organize, room, clothes, charts, anatomy cards, car, supplies, schedule etc.

Organization is not the natural state of things and is thus a constant battle.

The value of organization is immense and you cannot undercut its value. The ability to access all the articles and objects necessary to complete tasks or fulfill desires quickly and efficiently allows one to do more. The internal environment informs the external environment and the reverse is true. A simple calm organized space lends to tranquility and ease in the mind. The space around also allows the mind to work better and be more organized. Organization of the mind is of the greatest benefit. To be able to use the mind, you must be able to find the information necessary.

In today’s society there is an onslaught of distractions, making disorganization of mental processes pervasive. Just now as I sat down to write, I found myself distracted by 2 hours worth of interesting posts and videos. The quality of the videos is not in question and the information was valuable and informative. The problems lies in its inherent disorganization. It could also be said that sitting here distracted by remarkable articles and videos led me to my subject, but you could also say that it was the day long battle organizing and cleaning my room that had the greatest impact.

The point is this, to get anything done, organization is key. There are many manifestations of this somewhat obvious conclusion in my current creative space. None, however are more present or pressing, than that of choice. What to do? What to Pursue? Which Project should I start? I have been battling this for a long time. Focusing on one task is commonly my major problem. I know that with a great deal of work and focus on one pursuit, it is possible to build something magical and meaningful. But how do you focus on one thing…Organization.

This distracted problem is not isolated in the arena of project creation, but exists in nearly every decision I make. There are so many possibilities, that I am often overwhelmed with the desire to do everything.

Perhaps it is best to use these daily activities as a practice forum for cutting through the muck and organizing my mind.

And so I will begin to practice being decisive in which tasks I will do. They all need to be done anyway, so no matter what I choose, it will improve things.

And now I will organize my room and while I sleep the organized room will organize my mind. That is all I have to do right?

Curlin’ on,



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