Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.  ~Buddha


Woe is the pathless in this society. Formative years are spent in youth yearning to grow up, develop, flower, find your passion. The tiredest of the tired is, “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.” The heavy focus on this noble quest can be disheartening. I believe this style works for certain types. Those with full belief and confidence, however accurate in their own abilities. And those able to ignore their own desires and listen instead to their own wise masters who know the path and set them on their way.

This fails to address a far greater population in the soulscape. Those who are drawn to many pursuits or who ply many passions. Their is also the question of accessibility aka funding. And the constant practical result, most happy pursuits are the well payed ones.

Again there is a huge disconnect. For those drawn to less fiscally responsible desires where salary is not the deciding factor, the decisions are much more divergent and often convoluted.

It takes time to puzzle through the subtle maps of experience and advice. To refine the research and truly hear the heart.

Though when this happens the reward is an ushering in of a new epoch.


I believe I am nearing one such epiphany. The fog is lifting and the path is beginning to reveal itself. The submergence into the work has taken over all other pursuits, which is why I have been so blog silent of late.

It is work to find your work, and the journey takes time, but once arisen the light can shine as you burst forth passionately into the new world. This Millennial may be out of the fog soon.

I sense clarity nearing…to be continued

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