Yoga 31 days, Step 1

The First class I went to was on January 1st, with Buffy Barfoot at Kindness Cherry Creek.

This class was amazing. It made me rededicate myself to my practice and realize the benefit of allowing myself to discover my balance and presence in the moment.

I could not believe the calming and invigorating spirit she emanated. It was in this class, that I found the idea to dedicate myself to building moments of joyous presence.

The next day, I went to Bikram Yoga with my sister. It had been about 4 months since I last did a Bikram Practice. It was difficult, but I did feel great after. I also got to spend time with my sister and brother, which is always a rewarding experience.

I also ended up running to the studio and barely made it in on time.

If only there was a yoga class on time management, wait there probably is.

On the third, I went to my first formal yin class ever with Piper Rose at Kindness Cap Hill. It was freaking awesome. I also found a new juice bar. Yoga of making connections is a class I might be able to teach someday.

Today/Yesterday on the 4th. I intended to get to a class at 8 am, right before my work at 9:15. But I ended up 4 minutes late. Instead I went into work early. I planned on spending extra time after work, butI was unable too.

So I have missed one day, so far. I think that is oka. When schedules and homework get in the way, that is the where you can find space to grow.

To make all of this easier, I finally go my monthly unlimited pass. I chose Kindness Yoga. My brother goes there, they have phenomenal teachers and I have the choice of continuing to explore the yoga scene in Denver. I realized that if I was going to do a 31 day challenge, I needed a studio anyways.

Still have to try Root, Breathe, Vital, Whole, Harmony, and Awaken.

Still, it is exciting to know that I can now go everyday. I don’t have to worry about juggling free weeks and limited specials. Most importantly I get to explore a new place, possibly a new home for my yoga practice. Plus, they have the most incredible teachers with a diverse array of styles and offerings.

This adventure has been a long time in the making. From being born in Denver so many years ago, growing up in the  highlands before it became the high class lands. Moving and growing and changing and living in the northwest. The Yoga that arrived so perfectly in my life is now the focal point of another journey. To explore my hometown with peace and tranquility, with a new insight.

And I am noticing something. The flow of writing 500 words is getting smoother. There is also a caveat. I am getting way more hours at work and school starts up again in 3 days, so I am seeing that this writing and yoga challenge will be more challenging. As long as I am forgiving and present in the moments, I will be able to breather change into my life.

Curl on,


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