When a movie hits home

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

I am not a movie critic. Sometimes there is a movie that really hits home, hits deep and doesn’t whisper, but yells loudly into the depths of my soul. I have been hearing the echo of this movie’s voice for the past 2 days. so now it must be spoken.

Ben Stiller finds an excuse to travel and work. He gets to visit Greenland, Iceland, and the mountains of the Himalayas. What a perfect way to express this theme. It would be awesome to be a filmmaker.

The movie is about a man who lives an ordinary seeming life, but has deep and adventurous visions for what his life could be.

A change occurs at his work and he is finally forced to take some of the chances he always dreamed up. Inspired by the chance of love and adventure he finally sets forth and does something worthy enough to write about in his online dating profile.

I am not going to go into details on Plot points, because spoilers are bastards and I am not trying to ruin anyone’s future movie theater, or more likely, Netflix experience.

I will stick to the meaning that hit me square in the chest.

Dreamers gotta dream. My last blog was on presence and being in the moment. And this movie focuses on making the best of the moments you are given. To make the best Life possible.

Last year I finally went to South America on my own. I had gone to Argentina the previous year, but this time I went to Peru and Bolivia for three months solo. This was one of those moments where I finally stepped out into the world and had the adventure I dreamt about for so long.

It was freaking magical, surreal, enlivening, epic, crazy, frustrating, hard, awesome, tiring, energizing, etc.

The point is that these moments are concentrated brutes of life. They are the real moments. After the trip, my friends and family would say, “Oh that sounds so awesome! I wish I could do that. Those are great memories, but now it is time to get back to the real world. What job are you going to get?”

The point is that the real world is not being stuck trudging through the day, barely making ends meet so that I can get old and finally have a vacation when I am too tired to do anything. The point is to live now. Make the most of the moments you have. Be dedicated to your work if that is what fulfills you, but make sure whatever you do is fulfilling.

Daydreaming is key to creativity, but if you are checking out so often that you are hardly engaged in the world you inhabit, that is a good hint that it is time to change your world. Travel is not everybody’t thing, but the point is to find your thing.

Live with focus and enjoy it however that works for you.

The movie had a more subtle and deeper meaning when it tied itself up. I will not get into that here, because it is good, and I ain’t trynna ruin anyones moment.

It was kind of amazing to see a movie that encapsulated the theme I was trying to incorporate into my life in this new year. The Joyous Presence and the manifesting of the future, not through grand schemes, but by building moment by moment.

It made me rededicate myself to getting back into the real world again. When something speaks deep and the soul hears its echo is astounding.

curl the path,


**my 500 words #3 for January 3rd. Minimal editing.

One thought on “When a movie hits home

  1. Wow! Now I have to watch this movie. Your last couple of posts have hit home with me! I struggle to stay present for a variety of reasons and it’s something I’m working very diligently on (that seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it?). I love the idea of staying present, but knowing when not being fully present can lead to greater things and experiences in which you can be even more present and fully immersed. I also love that you said “screw it” and went to South America now, while you can really dig in and appreciate it and experience it. I don’t know how old you are, but I’m in my 40s and I can tell you that you will most definitely never regret it!

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