On Presence and Balance

IMG_6279 A new year, a new hope, a new commitment to growth.

Cultivating joyous presence in the moment.

It seems daily that I am reminded to be present in the moment. Selective hearing and absorption has made this advice not only hard to swallow, but difficult to incorporate into my subconscious thought process.

I am in a sense, a bundle of nerves. We are all a bundle of nerves, tissues, cells etcetera, but I am speaking in the metaphorical sense in this moment 🙂

Life can be a struggle. To find happiness and harmony in the moments is a great challenge for me and this is probably the reasons why I am constantly reminded to be present in the moment. We get what we need form the world around us, as long as we are tuned into our senses and aware enough of the knowledge floating around.

This year, in addition to making specific goals and changes in my life, I am adding the idea of joyous presence. As with many insights over the past three years, this intention surfaced in from the depths on the mat. Guided by the gentle nudging of another phenomenal yoga teacher, it arose sometime during the tenth hour of this new year.

The journey, the process, the moment, here, now, come back, engage.

As an anxious puppyish fellow. I am often distracted by my past and future. Regrets and plans fill the head so many times throughout the day that I can become so out of touch with the moment that I lose it completely.

And now I have to reference Harry Potter. About half-ish way through “The Order of the Phoenix,” Ron says that no one can feel that many things at the same time, when Hermoine and Harry are discussing Cho’s conflicting feelings about Harry and Cedric. Hermoine responds by telling Ron that just because he has the emotional capacity of a teaspoon, it doesn’t mean that she does. This is all out of order, but the point still remains. I am trying to fill my cup/teaspoon/jug/tub with more presence and less past and future.

 This is not to say that day dreaming is a negative, but it is important to maintain balance. Creativity abounds in these distracted, less present thoughts. The picture of ideas swimming around in my head is has evolved almost to the essence of who I am. Balancing creativity, presence, and expression  is vital. (expression here=work, output, production, legacy building, not sure what the right word is here).

And as I weeble wobble around, fall down, rise, and wobble again, I begin to find this balance. Approaching it like yoga and meditation, I can acknowledge the thoughts and feelings give them validity and let them slide on by.

And so I am dedicating this moment to joyous presence. Instead of making big plans for what I will do, I will manifest my future moment by moment.

Note: It is interesting to see how many intersection points there are with presence. Joyous presence as I struggle through poses and flows on the mat. Struggling to free write as part of the 500 word challenge and avoid the self editing that is almost instinctual, so please forgive if this post seems tangential.  Concentration while working and enjoying free time. All in all, it is a good intention to infuse.

**This is my second post for the my 500 words challenge, I am a little behind, but still writing 🙂

**& forgive the overuse of “And” as a sentence starter, I remember vaguely from “Finding Forrester,” that it is okay to use it to make points more distinct, but I believe I overused it this time.



One thought on “On Presence and Balance

  1. Reblogged this on curlyadventurer and commented:

    This is from early last year. I am in a place where I need to be reminded of balance and presence. Looking far into the telescope or staring to intently at the looking glass is a practice in finding your fear. It is great to go ahead and find it, but you (I) have to move past it. Jump the Ocean from India to Sri Lanka and crush the fear that leaps out of the ocean. Courageously leaping, Balance maintained, and joyous in the journey.

    In Courage
    With Balance
    EnJOYing it all,

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