Changes and Awe

Change is constant in life.

Still, there are times when the change is more drastic, more sever, more profound.

This is one of those times in my life. I recently moved from the NW, Portland, OR back to my hometown. It is not so much of a town as a city these days. Denver is small, but it is much bigger than Portland. It has also changed a great deal since I was 17. And so, I am home. After going to college in olympia, and living in Portland working and fulfilling an Americorps contract. It is great to back in the mile high blue. Back where seasons are real and I can see my mountains again to the west.

It is my kind of place. I am understood here. I have resources of family and friends, more than I remembered as I made the decision to move.

I am moving forward with the next big step in my life. And things are no longer stagnant, they are really rolling.

What is to come?

1. A detailed account of the move and the big step I have just taken

2. A new post idea inspiring Awe through a beloved lens of mine

3. A change in my blog theme. Let me know what you think of the new theme. My life has been full of pachyderms recently, so I thought it was fitting.

Thanks to those of you who have read my blog this past year. Commenting and engaging me as I have grown. There is still a long way to go on this journey and I hope to see you all along the way.

I just found about this by the way, check it out. It is incredible.

One last thing, Please comment and give me one random number

Keep it Curly,


6 thoughts on “Changes and Awe

  1. Congrats on your big move, Curly! My in-laws live in Denver. Neat area. I’m going to miss reading about your adventures in Portland and the Couv, but look forward to reading about your new adventures in your old town!

    Number: 17 comes to mind but I have a sinking feeling that might mean a lot of work for you, so 7?

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