What do you REALLY want? no, really….

The Savvy Sister strikes again. This time in book form. “100 Perks of Having Cancer plus 100 Health tips for surviving it.”

This book is about moving mountains. Not just for those with Cancer, but those who are trying to avoid it and other illnesses caused by our hectic modern lifestyle.

The Savvy Sister

The manufacturers know what it is……


Smoking hot bods without trying…love that lasts…..and happiness.

They try to sell you the latest exercise gadget or “detox kit” that guarantees you’ll look like this in 3 days.

But really the answer is inside you. (Cliche or what?)

There was a time during my cancer treatment when I felt so sick and so defeated that I remember actually thinking to myself “If I died right now, it would actually be a relief.”

Fast forward 8 years and I am here to tell you that you have, within yourself, the ability to move mountains.

While I don’t fear death, I don’t want to rush things either.

My co-author and I have put what we have learned about health, happiness, spirituality, humor, optimism, love, desire, food, water, meditation, poop, and dancing, and 189 other things into a 465 page book entitled “100 Perks of Having…

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