Rejuvenating Cold and the challenge of staying warm this winter.

The realization that I need seasons in my life to feel revitalized should come as no surprise. The rhythms of life are constant and I have always been aware of the ebb and flow of emotions within. To see the waves and flow expressed in the world is vital.

I am experiencing my first real cold weather pattern in the last five years. It is -8 degrees outside as I type. Last night, I went for a bike ride at sunset and got home after dark. The temperature was 22 degrees. I had enough warm clothing for most of my body, except my feet. I was not wearing wool socks and I left my bike cleat warmers at home. Understandably my toes were frozen. So much so that when I got home I went immediately to my neighbors apartment and demanded a foot rub. I just needed to get the blood flowing. Awkward as it was to have my friend John rub my right foot while I rubbed my left foot, it was necessary.

The point of this message is that right now, I love the cold. It is invigorating. Sometimes it is possible to forget how warm we are inside, but when the air is freezing, and your breath crystallizes in fog in front of you, it hits you. And the warmth extends from our physiology to our souls as well.

Without cold, the value of heat is lost. I know many people who swear by eternal summer. That is not for me. I grew up in the shadow of the rocky mountains. Born in the time when the leaves turn and fall, making way for snow then spring and summer. And just in case I get tired of the cold again, I can look up and see the eternal blue sky and the sun warming my skin. Sun showers are amazing, to feel a warm rain on your skin as the sun sparkles through the water. But how about a sun snow? Its even better, sun beams dance off the crystals cascading to the ground and sparkling as the untouched snow fall creates a fresh blanket for the earth.

This was earlier…

I look forward to 4 more nights under ten degrees. The cold is rejuvenating, but I still need to stay warm and heat my house.

My apartment is cold. My windows are leaky. The place is freezing. I pulled out my winter gear and added blankets to get through the night. I also looked up ways to stay warm. I have candles burning, Hot kombucha bottles and rocks in my bed and several layers of clothing. I am wearing clothing everywhere except face and hands. Drinking hot tea and burning my one candle.

Look for more info on battling the cold in my future post. I will review what worked for me during this cold front.
This is the post I checked out for inspiration.

Stay Warm,

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