Hapless Vegan Lessons 1 and 2

Hapless Vegan Lessons 1 and 2

When I began my 4 month foray into Veganism, I fully intended to update my progress frequently and diligently. I knew that this particular journey would be accompanied by a variety of difficult trials and tremendous discoveries. Going forward I learned that, even though my documentation skills fell short, the adventures were abundant. This will be the beginning of a loosely organized series of Vegan Lessons. As with all of the weird little things I do, I am trying to challenge myself to make myself grow. In the absence of a round the world ticket, a university program, or the advice of an enlightened spiritual guru to follow, it is this. As always the path isn’t altogether clear and distinct, instead its curly and rambly. Now, let’s see if I can adhere to these stringent guidelines. Read on if you have a strong enough stomach 😉

Possibly my favorite show ever
Technically eating Fry would be Vegan, cuz he is not sentient, he lacks the Alpha D brainwave


Day 1- As things often do with me, it began fast. Thinking ahead, I had made a big batch of Lentil Soup for so I had something substantial and delicious for my first few Vegan Days. It was a recipe from Joy of Cooking, Lentil Soup with Greens. The Greens were Kale and the Bacon was withheld. I feasted on this double batch for a few days before the 6th. I ate a big bowl that day about two hours before my Yoga Class.

Vegan Lesson 1 – Just because there is no meat or dairy, doesn’t mean it can’t go bad. On my way to Yoga I had to stop and throw up vigorously, 3 times, by the side of the road.

I have always had a strong stomach, so this reaction surprised me. I felt way better after throwing up though, so I decided to go to Yoga anyway.

Vegan (yoga) Lesson 2 – Don’t go to Yoga if you have (self-induced) food poisoning.

I made it through the standing series okay. Though I felt wobbly and worse than ever before, including the double classes I have done. I decided to avoid the floor series, which can cause nausea on its best days and excused myself.

It felt awful, I had never left the room before. And when the cool air hit me and I laid down for a few minutes it felt worse. I thought I could have stayed. Then, I stood up and took a characteristically large gulp of water. I am known to drink a lot of water at a time, sort of a lifelong habit. About 10 seconds after that, I ran to the bathroom and threw up vigorously again, 3 is the magic number. So I was right to evacuate the space.

And after some reflection, I realized that I need to ease up on myself sometimes. I made it 11 months in hot yoga practice without leaving the room. If food poisoning is my line, its a pretty good line to have.

And that is what I learned on Day 1. I still struggled with the diet and have a few more overly detailed experiences to share,squirrel checks ingredients but after feeling like my body would collapse from lack of nutrients, I settled. Now I am flowing with it.

After the first two weeks, I found solutions to the problems I encountered and the difficulties transformed into positive experiences for growth.

I learned a number of new recipes and have discovered a vast array of new ways to eat. I will share some of my favorite recipes in the coming weeks. My tastes have changed and broadened even faster than I thought possible.

What I have learned so far, these 24 days, is that it is possible. This is only the beginning and I strive to discover new ways to nourish myself on this plant based diet. I know that there is hope, that I can continue for the entire four months. Furthermore, it won’t be a burden but a dynamic and revelatory experience. After all, the crux is growth.

“Don’t go through life, grow through life.” Eric Butterworth

Stay tuned for more self induced lessons from this hapless vegan.

5 thoughts on “Hapless Vegan Lessons 1 and 2

  1. Very entertaining. I’m proud of you for doing this, you’re stronger than me, I don’t think I could give up milk and meat for such a long time.

  2. HAHAHAHA to Vegan lesson 1 + being frank the tank

    Its an incredible act of humility and self respect actually to be able to leave the hot room… I know that there is a lot of stigma associated with it, but that stigma is just a manifestation of the voice of the ego.

    Ahimsa has many faces.


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