Last Non Vegan Day

It was hard to choose what meals I would eat on the last day before the four month vegan culinary journey. The indecision was no problem though, because everything fell perfectly out of Portland’s blue sky. Yes summer in the Northwest is here. The magical 4-5 months where the green on the ground and the blue in the sky meet in perfect harmony and all of the rain soaked spirits rejoice and brighten showing their most abundant happiness. A good day to start a Vegan Adventure.

I woke up, then ate my customary bowl of cereal. Breakfast has been Vegan for the last two years anyways, since my usual fare is a bowl of cereal, pumpkin raisin crunch usually with almond milk. Steel Cut oats with a topping of almonds, almond milk, and brown sugar alternates with that. So breakfast is not anything to worry about.

Three 2 ounce cups of chocolate perfection.

My friend Dan from high school was in town for the day, so I had to show him a quick four hour sample of Portland. So we went to Cacao for two flights of Drinking Chocolate. The Chocolate is made with cream, it is a rare treat and a perfect thing to have to prepare me for this experience. The Spicy kind was the best, though I did really enjoy the cinnamon flavor. Dan couldn’t believe that they had that kind of thing and is hoping that Denver will have a place like that soon.

Three Pots of Ayurvedic T
Three Pots of tea

Then we went to the Tao of Tea. There we consumed 3 pots of Ayurvedic tea along with spinach wraps and the best dal I have ever had. So meal number two was also Vegan. There are lots of Vegan options in Portland, which will make the experience smoother.

So I said goodbye to Dan and it was almost time for dinner.

I wanted to have Pho, because 4 months will be a long time to go without it. The bad news, it was sunday. So all of the pho places I loved were closed all day or at least by 6pm. Poor planning on my part, is that a side effect of the Vegan diet? Oh no! I am losing my ability to think already. Just kidding. I went to one of my favorite Thai places instead, luckily they keep later hours.

At Thai Little Home, I had the Tom Kha soup with squid. It was something new, creamy with mushrooms and large rings of squid. And of course my favorite dish of all time Salmon Pumpkin Curry. It was delicious and creamy as usual. The perfect pumpkin wedges soaked up the curry and the salmon flaked off immaculately.

Tom Kha soup with squid
Tom Kha soup with squid
Salmon pumpkin curry
Salmon pumpkin curry

That was it Drinking chocolate, squid and salmon. I am really going to miss Pho and seafood. I don’t really care about Land meat, except for the broth they use to make pho and ramen. If there was a way that I could eat environmentally sustainable fish or raise my own somehow with some giant underpopulated fish farm, I would. That will be my greatest challenge, the lack of seafood. But I will just keep calm and carry on goin’ vegan.

I have done the research, the vegan cookbook has been creased, and the Vitamin B-12 ’twill be here shortly. At the worst I will lower my carbon footprint for a few months and try a bunch of new foods. At the best I will find a new healthier way of living that I can sustain during my active lifestyle. Not to mention all the things in between.

And so the Vegan Culinary Journey begins…

13 thoughts on “Last Non Vegan Day

  1. Hey Curly, I became a vegetarian last summer – I doooo miss fish it was the hardest thing to give up but I feel so healthy and Iost weight and maintain a good metabolism. My diet is practically vegan – we sprinkle seeds over our food esp Linseed (better than mackrol and cod liver oil) – gives you amazing skin and hair. Sound like you are undergoing a major changes in your lifestyle…what has spurred it?

    1. It feels like the right time to try it. There was a breaking point after all that I have learned over the past few years about the Agrifood system. I figured it was time to take a big step. I figure if I can do it while staying nourished and healthy, I will be alright. Linseed, I never heard of that before. Perfect timing Jade, I have been looking for a sub for fish oil.

  2. Great post & awesome project! I’ve recently re-discovered Vietnamese rice paper rolls… So simple and so much fresh flavour! Looking forward to hearing about your discoveries on this journey x

    1. Vietnamese!! reminds me of Pho, oh no I am having a craving. Just kidding, I am alright. Yeah rice paper rolls phenomenal. I used them before to make spring rolls. Great Idea!

  3. Sounds like you are ready to launch! I, too, was a big fan of pho – especially this seafood pho I consumed like an addict in a little Salt Lake City shop. Piled high w/ basil, cilantro and spicy, spicy hot. Hard to recreate that in veganville, but I wouldn’t go back to eating fish – even for a bowl of the pho!

  4. Hey Curly! I am a hardcore addict when it comes to Thai Little Home. I’ve had the Tom Kha but the Tom Yum noodle soup sends me straight to my “happy place.” It’s all about the broth. I’ve never had Pho, however, and I was wondering if you could recommend a place in the Couve to find a good bowl?

    1. Tan Tan Cafe and Deli. It is off Mill Plain by the Chinese Restaurant, The Mongolian Grill, and the Hawaiian Restaurant. Classic Pho is #42 I think. And the #12 sandwich is amazing. Just get the top round and make sure you dip your chopsticks in Siracha and Hoisin sauce in between bites. They also have great bubble tea

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