One of a thousand other steps

“If Triangle is the top of the mountain, then camel is the middle of the desert.” This is the thought that popped into my head  right before camel pose today.

It is nearing May, and that means that the heat and the humidity is even more consistent in Portland Oregon. That means more reasons to skip Yoga, with blue skies and even delicious double rainbows making their appearances. It also means that the sessions in class are going to get exponentially more intense until the middle of the summer.

double rainbow april 15th 2013

Spring is getting hotter and hotter, over the past few days I noticed a familiar experience. After class, after showering, and drying off completely, the sweat came back immediately and soaked my dry shirt. It’s not really a problem, just a reminder that summer is on its way. Still, I hope I don’t offend too many folks by walking out of class without my shirt until my sweat glands cool it.

These past few classes have been exceptionally rough. I made the rare mistake of missing an entire week in a row, the week before last. And as everybody knows coming back from a weeklong absence can make you feel very humble indeed. I was seeing stars after triangle and ran out of water early. I even felt my leg cramp in locust, that has only happened once before.

Today’s class made it two days in a row, for a total of four this week. There has been hell to pay for it though. It has been rough but in the scheme of things, and I just mean my own life, its just another drop in the bucket or on the towel.

Yoga is a long journey. I always have to remind myself of this, when I fall out of standing head to knee and find it impossible to straighten my legs all the way in many poses. It is a challenge that continues to baffle me. Still, I know one day I will tuck my forehead to my kneecap, touch my forehead to the floor, center my feet over my head, touch the top of my head to the floor, and touch my forehead to my toes.

But first, I will take a thousand other steps on this long and winding road.

4 thoughts on “One of a thousand other steps

  1. Hey Curly – You will get there! I always enjoy reading your posts – everything in life is a long, long , long, long journey. Atleast you have some heat – we are freezing over in London – where it’s perpetually autumn!

    1. Thanks Jade, I am glad you enjoy them. Other than the rain and the to often cloudiness, the weather here is awesome. And the summer in the NW is the best kept secret around. Autumn is not so bad, I missed it when I was in Cusco. But if it is perpetually autumn, does that mean that the leaves grow back on the trees then turn colors and fall of again and again. I would walk a thousand steps for that. 🙂

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