Back in the blogosphere

I am back from a long and unexpected blogging vacation.

In my absence from the internet, I have experienced some changes, some adventures and some struggles. There will be more to come on the recent adventures, both internal and external.

Quote of the day from George Orwell, “Happiness can only exist in acceptance.”

And now to tie up some loose ends.

I finished the 33 day Bikram Yoga Challenge, missing quite a few days near the end, at one point it was 7 in a row. This was due to lack of transportation which combined with a lack of motivation.

The motivation and mobility united to create a perfect storm that dismantled my Yogavation. Yogavation is defined in my internal dictionary as a compound of Yoga and Motivation. Lack of Yogavation can often lead to a Yogacation.You guessed it, a Yoga Vacation, which oddly enough has dual and opposing meanings.

A Yogacation can be a Vacation from yoga as well as a Vacation primarily spent practicing yoga. It is a flexible word.

The grand total was 24 sessions in 33 days. Including one day with a back to back double.

So, I technically did not complete the 33 day challenge, in a literal sense. Luckily for me the journey of life is not always defined in a literal manner 🙂

What I learned

To increase my capacity for discomfort, discomfort drives change.

During my Yoga Challenge, I met a fellow yogi at tennis match. He told me that in the 14 years he has practiced, he has found that if he can just find the energy to get himself into the room, thats all he needs. I try to remember this notion. elephant-walking-journey-road

I did more yoga in that amount of time than I ever have before. I pushed myself and realized that I am capable of more.

I learned that the point, for me, wasn’t to do the entire 33 day challenge. Instead, it was to kickstart my practice and increase my commitment level. In this pursuit I pulled off 3 weeks where I averaged 5-6 times per week. I also did my fist double. I still have yet to do another, but this in the works soon.

Yoga is a lifetime practice and life is a long song.

The Journey continues…


6 thoughts on “Back in the blogosphere

  1. So glad to see you in my inbox again. I really enjoy your posts and your perspective on things. You seem to be able to find a lesson in the simplest of things and it’s never a stretch (no pun intended, lol). Always a nice, positive way to start my day. I write and write and then go on hiatus for a bit, so I think it’s normal. Welcome back 🙂

  2. Good job getting back into blogging. I’m glad you were able to see progress from the Yoga Challenge even if you didn’t finish it. Even if you don’t reach your ultimate goal you still accomplished quite a bit of what you were hoping to get out of it.

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