Bikram 33 Day Challenge, Days 22 and 23

After the double, I was fairly exhausted. Body felt like it was open and more flexible but there is always a price. The price was a difficult wake up and a hearty diet the next day. I always eat a big meal after Yoga, but after the double I ate a big breakfast and lunch. There is nothing like sweating for nearly three hours to make you more aware of the needs of your physiology.

My bow pulling is better than this now!
My bow pulling is better than this now!

And so I ate and drank and hydrated and rehydrated. I drank Kombucha and coconut water. Sometimes fulfilling my bodies needs can be difficult. I am allergic to both bananas and avocados. Two of the tastiest and most powerfully nutrient rich foods available on the planet. How do I go without them? Pure grit and determination really, and I pull it off with subtle grace 😉 I also tend to eat a lot of peanut butter and steel cut oatmeal. And…this post is not about food.

Daily Metamorphosis – Tuesday’s class was one of the fun ones. The teacher that day likes to push the Locust pose, for me. It is one of my better poses and so she challenges me every time. Over the past few weeks she has been lifting my legs up to help me get  them over my head. The challenge then is to push my shoulders all the way down so they are supporting my weight. I love taking her class, because she does really minute corrections, which is needed for progression.

Best Moment – Legs up in Locust. It feels incredible every time. I can’t wait until I can get there on my own.rabbit

Most Challenging – Rabbit Pose. Challenged to lift the hips higher.


Funniest – Realizing that I love being in that room, during the pre-class savasana. This is the start of the forming the habit I believe. I have loved it all along, but sensing the calm as I entered and the palpable joy I gain from the practice before class was refreshing.

Challenge – Lock the Knee, not just the right knee. Minimize the vocalization.

It is mind-boggling how much I have progressed so far. This nearly daily practice thing is pretty sweet.


Sweat n’ Poses,





3 thoughts on “Bikram 33 Day Challenge, Days 22 and 23

  1. My most recent Bikram Yoga class…

    Best Moment: Kicking up high enough in locust I was teetering every time I took a breath because I was lying right on my abdominals. It must be genetic.

    Most Challenging: Camel, is it possible that just looking back at the ceiling can hurt so much, I actually did see the back wall but it was very painful

    Funniest: After class, my little brother walking up behind me and rubbing my back, I was in such a post-yoga-euphoria I didn’t know who it was until I looked and was kind of like what weird Yogi person is touching me?

    Next week’s challenge: Getting steady enough in my standing head to knee to go into 2nd position. I almost have it but I need to work on engaging the muscles all throughout my leg and hips in my standing leg to get more stable.

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