Bikram 33 day Challenge, Days 18-21, doubly so

Well friends, I had a little lapse in my yoginess this weekend. I missed classes from Friday-Sunday. Conflicts with classes, low motivation and a tired body could be the cause. Perhaps it was a needed rest.

But do not fret, the challenge is still on, and while this was my greatest lapse to date, I am still strongly involved in this epic attempt at yoga inspired growth.

And so today I did a double. This was my first double yoga day. I did the 4:30pm and 6:30pm classes. Something like 210 minutes total in the room, if you count pre-class savasana warm up…and I do 🙂

It was quite an experience.

Crazy hard. Crazy moving. Crazy Adventure.

My instructors, all veterans of doubles, had told me before that getting through the first three poses was the hardest. Not because it is easy after that, but because you realize it is just as much of a struggle as any other class. Well they were more right than I could have possibly imagined.

That face isn't all that far off how i felt :)
That face isn’t all that far off how i felt 🙂

My shoulders were so exhausted from the first class, that I had a hard time holding half-moon and came out very early on the standing backbend during the first round. The fear of doing it when I felt so weak was reminiscent of my very first back bend at my first class in June of 2012.  During the second round though, I mustered a lot more courage and went deeper on the second backbend than I ever had before.

The standing series was the most challenging part. It takes so much stamina to perform some of those poses. However, I noticed that my flexibility was heightened more than ever. So the key here is to build up the endurance that will allow one to do two classes with equal vigor. That way we get both the benefits of endurance and incredible flexibility that comes from being in the room for more than 90 minutes.

Best Moment – Anticipation in realization that I was going to do my first double as I lay on my already soaked towel and knowing that this new adventure was about to begin.

Most Challenging – First 3 poses of second class, particularly half moon and standing backbend. But really all of the standing series.

The fear-filled backbend
The fear-filled backbend

Funniest – Grunt of affirmation when my teacher asked me if I was doing a double. The absurdity that said grunt could be understood as a way of communicating.

This was the moment when I felt the rush of imminent completion. One of my favorite poses.
This was the moment when I felt the rush of imminent completion. One of my favorite poses.

Daily Metamorphosis- Saved this one for last. The feeling I had when I finished the second class, was exhaustive but more than a little euphoric. I believe that while doing Yoga nearly daily for a month is an incredible step, this has more of an effect. Scratch that, not more of an effect, but a more concentrated effect. It gives the body that push that makes the metamorphosis a reality. And the challenge of controlling the wild resistance of the mind in the difficult moments is just as intense. I had to pee during the entire floor series of class one, but I made it through. And that, along with a large can of coconut water, readied me for the task of two in a row. My bladder wasn’t calling in class two, but for a good deal of the standing series, my mind wanted out of the room. Then I made it to the floor pushing my flexibility even further. And I realized I would make it.

It is a 90 minute moving meditation and today it was doubly so. Doubly moving and doubly meditative.

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13 thoughts on “Bikram 33 day Challenge, Days 18-21, doubly so

    1. Well, it is not the morning after yet, but I will let you know 😉

      Thanks for the encouragement. I truly need it sometimes, you are right my body is exhausted and it is especially so tonight. I feel I will sleep well.

      A double has been on my to-do for a while now, and today I figured it was about time. I love how you rhymed option and exhaustion btw, that is what coloring outside the lines gets you.

      1. Sorry for the delay. Yeah I was a zombie. I had plenty of food and rest. But I felt like I had been mauled by a Yogi Tiger. Still, I think I will try it again in a few days…maybe.

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