Bikram 33 Day Challenge, Day 16 and 17, earning stripes

Day 16 and 17 were rough…wow is that getting old? I mean saying the session was a struggle. To be honest every session is difficult in its own way. I haven’t had an epic session in a while. Epic session will be defined here as one where the yoga flows. Its not that its easy, just smooth. Many of my recent sessions have been fraught with hiccups. Mainly mind hiccups. Defeatist thoughts, wondering how I am going to make it through, questioning the number of seconds the pose is held for, cursing camel and all compression poses. bengal tiger cub

This I believe is the mind fighting the bodies new habit. It takes concentrated effort over a short period to form a habit. This is what I am attempting to do in this challenge, to make hot yoga, a daily habit. But to be honest, the mind is losing. And often a losing opponent will fight harder in its final stand, but the body and soul will weather the storm. Unintimidated, concentration focused like the Bengal Tiger.

Daily Metamorphosis – Concentration. Practicing the concentration of one of my yoga teachers. Imitating her concentration until I can make it my own. Little by little, I earn my stripes.

Best Moment – Holding Camel a bit longer than I thought I could

Most Challenging – Standing compression and bunny…er rabbit poserabbit

Funniest – Applauding for the new folks who made it through the class and also for the old folks. Realizing I had no energy to applaud and barely slapping my knee while in savasana.

Tomorrow’s Challenge – Smile in standing compression.

Sweat n’ Poses,


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