Bikram 33 Day Challenge, Day 14 and 15, chest down little locust

Day 14 and 15 were struggles in their own ways. One was at the end of a long day of work with a mostly empty class, concentration was easy. The next was in a room filled to the brim, so the heat was much more humid than the day before.


Someday...forget someday...tomorrow!
Someday…forget someday…tomorrow!

Daily metamorphosis – Legs up, chest down little locust. Today my teacher helped me get my feet up over my head in locust again. It felt closer to a possibility than last week. I also felt like if I concentrated hard enough I could eventually lift myself up off the ground. Granted this may have been all the blood rushing down and in to my head, but what a metamorphosis that would be.


Best Moment – Held with my legs up by my teacher, and then controlling them while lowering down.

Most Challenging – Standing Compression, wobbly today.

Funniest – Falling out of Standing bow and kneeling down. I felt like I was kneeling in the presence of royalty and couldn’t resist smiling, because I was bowing to my own visage in the mirror. Some days the absurdities of my yoga mind abound.

Tomorrow’s Challenge – Shoulder’s down in Locust.

Sweat n’ Poses,




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