Bikram 33 day Challenge, Day 12 and 13, Concentration

I missed yoga on Saturday, the exhaustion from the week and a conflict during the afternoon class conspired to keep me from the studio. I felt okay about it though. My body needed some time to let things set in.

Still had a great day, I celebrated my first batch of kombucha and shared a great meal with friends at my house. Stuffed peppers, turkey bacon veggie kabobs, kale chips, roasted almonds, mashed potatoes, grapes, hummus, wine, beer, a chocolate plate, and amazing cookies a friend made.

It was a good time catching up and enjoying each others company.

We also tried the kombucha on its own and with vodka and cranberry juice. It was pretty good, but I think I prefer the kombucha itself.bikramcrowded

And now back to yoga.

Daily metamorphosis – Concentration. Weekend classes can be rough. The room is often packed and the lay out of the mats is not always ideal. In my early days, this would be incredibly distracting. Today was rough, I was crowded and I looked around and saw plenty of space. Usually this would distract me, but today I just smiled moved my mat a little and marched on.

Best Moment – Holding Standing Bow for the whole second series on both sides.

Most Challenging – Standing Compression

Funniest – Hearing myself groan as I went from camel to savasana, and realizing how ridiculous I sounded.

Tomorrow’s Challenge – Full day of work with Yoga at the end. First full time week of work. It is going to take an even deeper dip into the soul to find the fire. Or perhaps just a longer nap before class 🙂

Sweat n’ poses


4 thoughts on “Bikram 33 day Challenge, Day 12 and 13, Concentration

  1. Best Moment: Kicking up high and getting a good job from the instructor in lotus pose and being much more steady with my knee locked by the time I got to tree pose on one leg versus standing knee to head pose.

    Most Challenging: Garurasana or eagle pose, I couldn’t get my hands quite right and the instructor had to come down and fix it for me.

    Funniest: When the instructor compared the body to a car which made me think of how I need to get my oil changed. Which made me giggle because what he was saying actually brought me out of the present.

    Next Week’s Challenge: Bikram Yoga on Friday and Tuesday, possibly Sunday too.

    1. Sounds like you are doing amazing. Keep it up! Definitely see if you can go three days in a week, and then the next go four 🙂

      Your moments are awesome, sometimes I have hard time keeping composure during the funny times to ;P

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