Bikram 33 day challenge, Day 10 and 11, sweat n’ poses

As you may have noticed, my commitment to blogging about the challenge every day has dwindled slightly. I have been getting home after the long day of work and yoga and passing out quickly en mi cama.

floor bow

The past two days have been inspiring. I have found deep energy reserves after the long days. I especially like taking advantage of the naptime before yoga. I fell asleep before class two days in a row. Usually I go in early and listen to the class fill up as I lay in savasana, then get up to a room full of people I only knew by my ears. When I fall asleep, the people in the room are even more surprising.

Daily Metamorphosis – Feeling the change flowing through my body. After 6 days straight I feel more in tune with the yoga. Each class I try to focus more on breathing and am more secure in the knowledge that I will make it out alive and ready for the next day’s inspiration in the form of sweat. I keep calm and carry on through the sweat’n poses.

Best Moment – Kicking out on both sides in standing head to knee. Holding it on my right side for the entire second round. It is a first. Even greater, knowing my leg was locked, like the lamp post.

Most Challenging – Camel…nothing more to say.

Funniest – Teacher’s comment about not waiting for yoga.

Quote of the day – “Boredom is a lack of a capacity to register variations in vibration.” Yoga Teacher From today’s class

Tomorrow’s challenge – Morning Yoga, it has been a while since I have practiced early. But tomorrow, with no work, I greet the day with yoga.

Sweat n’ Poses,


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