Bikram 33 day challenge, day 8 and 9

Both Tuesday and Wednesday were very humid and very rough.

I didn’t have time to blog about it yesterday, I am sorry. I had to bottle my second batch of Kombucha. It is Ginger Pear and it tastes amazing.

I just started working full time again. Since a got back from South America and NYC. I had to find a new job. I was temping for a few days a week, but I started working full time on tuesday.

Yoga is sometimes as mind blowing as Machu Picchu
Yoga is sometimes as mind blowing as Machu Picchu

The schedule makes it so I only have the chance to make it once a day, so it really forces me to make my yoga count and take the chance to get to class, there is no later class to make it to anymore.

Daily Metamorphosis – Getting to Yoga after a full day at work. Understanding that no matter how bad my body feels, Yoga gives me the energy and I make it through. This is true even when I fall asleep on the mat and before class. The tiny nap is actually mildly rejuvenating. All of this makes me trust that body has the energy it needs. And so I am learning Trust.

Best Moment – Day 8. My teacher helped me lift my legs up in locust. Locust is my most tremendous pose. I have been working on getting my legs up over my head all the way. She assisted me and I felt what it is like to get up there.

Most Challenging – Day 9. Falling and almost collapsing after kicking out far in standing bow.

Funniest – Day 8 and 9. Napping before class and having to pee during the entire floor series.

Best thing about today and yesterday – The Locust lift and knowing that I can make it through even when I get up at 5:45 am and finish class at 8:10pm

Tomorrow’s Challenge – Keep focus on the shoulders during locust. I have the strength, now I must work on the flexibility. Lock my knee/s!

Viva Yoga,


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