Bikram 33 day challenge, Day 7, Humid-defy

Day 7 is complete.

From the title you may have guessed that this day was incredibly humid. It has been raining a lot in portland and that coupled with the high number of participants has stepped up the challenge.

During the class I felt Humidestroyed, after a few more classes I will be a Humideity. I can’t humidigitize the picture of my class and post it here, but I can Humidescribe it below.

The humidity was surreal.
The humidity was surreal.

Daily Meatamorphosis – The “aha” moment induced by the teacher. Allow your breath to lead you. I have been focused so much on slowing my breath and keeping my mouth closed. This golden kernel of knowledge allowed me to relax.

Best Moment – Attempting toe stand and avoiding the fall.

Most Challenging – Standing compression, forehead to knee

Funniest – Catching the teacher reading the names of the new students and then giving them a pointer.

Best thing about today – Realizing I could breathe normally. And the twice a day neti-pot tip from a fellow yogi. I have been doing it once a day in the morning but it was great to remember to just do it more.

Tomorrow’s challenge – Later Yoga after a long shift at the warehouse. Let’s see how sapped I am. I will remember the advice of my tennis opponent yogi. “If you have enough energy to just get to class, that is all you need.” I will get the energy I need for the rest of the day from the class.

Viva yoga,


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