Bikram 33 day challenge, Day 6, close quarters

unlimited month of yoga at Bikram Yoga Union Square for $49 on
Locked knee, many months or many years away. : )

Day 6 is complete. I went to the 4:30 donation class at my studio.

There were over 40 people in the class. It was interesting to be in a magnificently crowded room today. The humid was much higher than normal and I was forced to change spots because of it. This led to a different experience.

Daily Metamorphosis – Concentrating with a room full of people.

Best moment – Entering into a half full room laying down into savasana and rising with a room filled to capacity.

Most Challenging – Rabbit and concentration

Funniest – Almost crashing into the mirror when I kicked all the way out in standing bow

Post Yoga snack – Coconut water, one salmon taco and one pescado taco with pineapple at Cha Cha Cha’s

Best thing about today – My friend from work last year joined me and I was reminded of the joys of going to Yoga with someone. It is awesome. It is also nice to share a meal afterwards.

Tomorrow’s challenge, concentrate more fully

Viva yoga,



One thought on “Bikram 33 day challenge, Day 6, close quarters

  1. I went to Rec Center Yoga today. Monday seems to be the only day I go consistently since I hit that class every week for the past 6ish weeks, I only don’t go after I get back from a weekend of coaching because I’m usually wiped out. But I swear I will go to Hot Yoga on Friday!

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