Bikram 33 day challenge, day 5 a reminder

Today was a busy day and unfortunately I could not fit a session in. I had an event scheduled for one of the sessions and the morning passed by quickly.

I felt the urge for it, pulling me in its absence. When I was at my USTA tennis match, I discussed many things with my opponent. It turns out he is a Hot Yoga practitioner and started 14 years ago.

This reminded me ever more that it is a lifetime practice.

The power is there even though I did not make it today, my mind is still in yogi mode and I look forward to my practice tomorrow.

Best thing about today – Being reminded of the power of Hot Yoga and meeting someone who has practiced for many years. He reminded me that my body will open up. And so the journey continues.

Perhaps, I will go twice, tomorrow : )


2 thoughts on “Bikram 33 day challenge, day 5 a reminder

    1. Going to Yoga, will give you the energy to go to yoga. There is no time like the present. So give your body a a gift and present it with Hot yoga. I don’t know why it underlined “present” with this weird coupon. And now it underlined “coupon,” blast this consumercentric disconnected corpocracy!!

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