Bikram yoga challenge day 4, tomorrow I will stay in tree

Day 4 was nice. The room wasn’t as crowded as the previous few days. It was also a little different because it was the 6:30pm.

I walked to the studio in serious fog. It was the kind of moisture I would imagine on the moors of Scotland and added a mystery to the class.

Daily Metamorphosis – Heard my spine lossening as I was doing the first backbend. The light crack was a sign of newly gained flexibility, hopefully. It also reminded me to let go of the fear of backbends and use my awareness to sponsor change.

bikram yoga back bend

This reminded me that the change can sometimes be drastic.

Best Moment – Final savasana

Most Challenging – Camel

Funniest – Falling out of toe stand and landing flat in my bum. Right after the instructor reminded us that we should be mindful of gradual practice. Tomorrow I will stay in tree.

Post Yoga Snack. Coconut water, Peanut butter sandwich.

Smiled a lot today. Tomorrow’s task choose a new spot in the room.

Viva yoga,


2 thoughts on “Bikram yoga challenge day 4, tomorrow I will stay in tree

  1. Very daring to change spots. I find myself staying in the same spot in the room for particular classes. Different spots for different classes in the same room though. I get used to the visual set up and proximity to the instructor.

    1. I am used to my spot too. It gives me a sense of security. But I also like the different perspective I can get in another part of the room. I also like getting into the room really early, laying down and closing my eyes. Then when the class is ready to begin I open my eyes and magically the room is filled.

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