Bikram Yoga Challenge Day 3…rain more, smile more

Day 3 is complete. I attended the 4:30 class. Day 3 is actually 1-24-13, Pacific time zone issues messes up my schedule. But that’s okay, like Ford Prefect says, “Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so.”

It was raining today, so the moisture was intense. It hasn’t been raining much in Portland the last few weeks. It didn’t really feel like home without January Rain. So when I heard the rain pounding on the windows during todays session, I felt more at peace as the sweat rained from everyone in the Yoga Room.

Daily Metamorphosis – I attempted to lower myself into toe stand for the first time today. Usually I just stay in tree.

The Ultimate goal.
The Ultimate toe stand.

This reminded me that my body is changing, no matter how tight my hips feel. Good Feeling.

Best Moment-seeing my mat behind me in camel.

Most challenging-Balancing Stick

Funniest – The advice to drink pressed celery, carrot, and ??? juice after.

Teacher Quote. “Smile, it opens your sinuses…and freaks out your neighbor.”

Post Yoga snack -Coconut water, water, and Gt’s Multi-green Kombucha and a dark choco mint earnest whole food bar. And 3 squares of Dark Chocolate with blueberries and almonds

Dinner-  Sauteed garlic and onions with ground buffalo stuffed into mini peppers, Kale and spinach Salad, and Roasted brusselsprouts with sea salt.

Task for tomorrow, smile more.

Sweat on,


See Original Challenge post here…

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