Dream Realized- Magical Realism, the magic is real

“Any life, however long and complicated it may be, actually consists of a single moment–the moment when a man knows forever more who he is” Jorge Louis Borges

It is the eve of my trip to Machu Picchu via the Inca Trail. I first found this adventure in the pages of the April 2001 edition of Blue Magazine. That was the inception. Now, eleven (that’s right eleven make a wish!) plus years later I am on the brink of its realization. This is one of those incredible serendipitous moments in life where I can look around and say, “what is happening? Is this real? And it is real.” I can say this with an open mind and heart and an abundance of awe and excitement.

My mind stretches forward to the coming four days anticipating and dreaming of what I will see, knowing that most of the adventure lies in witnessing the unexpected. I know I will see stars and sunrises and ancient Incan sites, but it is their reality will astound the senses, transporting me into the ether of adventure. Latin America is filled with magical realism, and at no point before has the magic been more real.

I am packed most of the way, though I am sure I could shed a few things. I am focused on my last meal before the dream is real. It is necessary to have plenty of energy for the exertion and eye opening, mind expanding experience ahead so I am eating a large meal. It is a typical Peruvian home meal at the homestay, rice, bread, potatoes and chicken. Then off to Pizza Aventura for a personal pizza, I have been “dreaming” of trying the place for a while, mostly because of the name. I guess that makes two dreams realized, one slightly more important than the other. Then back to the house for Tiramisu, made by the neighbors downstairs.

And as I wind down and recheck my bags in the haze of anticipated adventure and the comfort of a full belly, I dream.
This dream is on its way to being fulfilled and that gives hope for the future. That certainty of knowing what you want, aids greatly in the realization of desire. And in another arena, I am certain, more certain than in this. Though there are obstacles, diversions, and walls besetting the path. “I will do my part, to tear, tear them down.” (Mumford and Sons )

So onward dreamers, embrace your desire and live.
What else is there? To be afraid, is to die. In the face of fear I choose to live, to learn, and to love.

Viva Aventura

Viva Amor


2 thoughts on “Dream Realized- Magical Realism, the magic is real

  1. Good Luck! And think about packing some food for the hike too. Almonds and apples and peanut butter are pretty good. Those Pinch Me moments are precious and, if we aren’t careful, too far and few between. I’m impressed you held on for eleven years to make it happen!

    1. I packed a lot of food. Dark Chocolate, granola bars and other stuff. But mainly I had to carry a lot of water. There were so many pinch me moments on the trail. I couldn’t believe how beautiful every step was.

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