La Lucha in Lima

When I got back from the run and recovered from the intoxicating effect of the sunset. I realized that I had not eaten breakfast or lunch save 2 granola bars, one apple (saved from Miami) and a few pieces of chocolate. I hadn’t eaten anything in Peru. My head and my tummy were aligned in their focus on food. My starving stomach compelled me to find something to eat and my mind desired to taste the Miraflores flavor in a literal fashion. The eyes and the heart had been satisfied and now it was time for more physiological and logical concerns. I also needed water since my pee had turned a dangerously dark yellow due to the necessary embargo on importation of tap water that my body had established.

The taxi driver had recommended a place to get a Peruvian style hamburger and Papas fritas. Of course at the time I dismissed this idea as being nowhere near exotic enough. But then when I asked the hostel attendant, he too raved about La Lucha, referencing especially the French fries which are made from local Peruvian potatoes. Peru is home to 500 different varieties. And after tasting them, I believe they all put the cruddy brown russet to shame. He also recommended Lucama juice. Saying that Peru has many rare fruits but Lucama is the best and rarest. He really wanted me to try it.

I went to the ATM at Benavidez and Larco. Then walked to the center of the discotecas where La Lucha was located. The place was packed with tourists and Locals alike. I waited around a while then walked around the square in case there was any other food that caught my interest. There wasn’t and I was starving so I stood in the very long line and eventually put in my order. Un Hambureguesa con papas fritas y un Jugo de Lucuma con leche. I sat at a counter inside and waited for my food.

It took about 20 minutes. It took longer for me to receive the food than it took for me to eat it, which is rare, because I am normally a very slow eater. I devoured the meal and the Hamburger was incredible. There were sautéed onions in the meat and it was on an onion bun.

Peruvian Hamburger

I couldn’t believe a hamburger could be that good. The papas fritas were amazing as well. It wasn’t just the fried and salty parts that were tasty, but the insides, because of the indigenous potatoes. The Lucama juice was very smooth and unique not my favorite fruit but a very nice accompaniment to the meal. It is also nice to taste a unique and rare food.

On the way back to the hostel, I tried my first Pisco Sour at a bar on the way. It was pretty unique, I like Lime a lot and it is a somewhat similar to a margarita. It is the Peruvian national drink so I will probably be drinking a few of them over the next two months. I am still in search for an authentic traditional Peruvian meal, the adventure continues.

Viva Aventura


2 thoughts on “La Lucha in Lima

    1. Definitely true of Peru. I think its a bit sweeter and not as thick here. Though to be fair the La Lucha hamburger and other sandwiches here don’t really need it. It is more for the fries. Which Surprisingly there are a lot of in Cusco. French Fries for the tourists. At least they are made from better potatos

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