Beautiful Convergence in Lima- The Run, The Sun and the Horizon

I awoke in my room with a feeling compelling me outward. I knew that I had about 29 hours in Lima and I did not want to spend the whole time napping. So I woke up, posted my blog that I had already written the night before on the plane and headed down the stairs to ask the hostel attendant a for good place to run. He pointed me to larco mar. I set off with just my phone and 15 minutes later I arrived. Lima has these huge bluffs that are covered in green. And they have a sheer drop to the ocean and road below. This offers some incredible views.

From the walk way above the beach.

   There was a lot of traffic I ran for 20 minutes and was able to avoid running into people because of the convenient pink bicycle lanes on the side of the walk. There were very few cyclists, but many rollerbladers. Then at one point I had to stop and turn and stare at the beauty of it all. It was nearing sunset time but there was a constant haze covering the horizon so I figured I was not going to get to see much. Unsatisfied with only pictures from the bluff, I decided to go down to the beach and onto an outcropping. I wanted to feel the spray of the ocean, and I did.

Crashing waves you have my soul.

The walk down and the beach were both beautiful, despite the horizon’s haze.The view framed it all perfectly.

It had this orange glow that turned incrementally and dramatically red as the minutes passed. I stayed on the beach for about half an hour, but then I figured I should get back to the hostel quickly and since there was so much haze it was not worth staying for the sunset. On the way back, I ran for a while trying to add to my measly 20 minutes, on the whole I managed another 15, it was a decent enough bit of exercise that I hope will hold me over until I get to Cusco and get acclimated.

The obscuring haze and orange glow

   I was back on the bluff just north of the Larco Mar ready to resume my run back to the hostel, when I turned and there it was. The massive, red orange sun loomed over the horizon. It filled the entire space between the clouds and the ocean. Imagine the sky full of a hazy gloom with waves crashing but the blessing of the setting sun to see. It must have been there for a total of 5-8 minutes, for as soon as I saw it whole over the horizon and sprinted back down the path, past cuddling lovers to a better vantage point it had begun to sink. Better yet don’t imagine it, look at the picture and video below. But be warned, since I was on a run, all I had was my I-phone camera. I may have only captured a minute slice of it’s glory.

Out of the haze, it appears

Though to be honest no camera can portray the beauty, elusiveness, and singularity that was this moment.
It was not only the magnificent vista which was stunning, but the circumstances of the moment. First Day in Lima, out on a run. Looking for the sunset. Convinced there was too much gloom and then there it is. Like a moody lover it graced me with its presence before sinking sweetly into the sea. It was a fantastic performance.

   I can’t believe I saw it. I am in Peru, in Lima, at a hostel near Larco Del mar in Miraflores. I took a nap and woke up with just enough time to get in a run and catch the setting sun. Despite the gloom, jetlag, and being unable to drink the usual 120 ounces of daily water, I usually consume. I feel great. Of course I say this now before the altitude in Cusco hits me. But we will see. There is no telling what beauty, magnificence, and awe await me in the next 50 days.

Viva Aventura


One thought on “Beautiful Convergence in Lima- The Run, The Sun and the Horizon

  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing and keep writing. The 20 to 35 minutes of exericise are way better than nothing and your old saying still fits: “Mama, I need to run!” I feel like I get to exerience your trip with you, but I bet you’re happy that I’m not there, cause that would just be weird. Love you, Mom

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