In Transit- Surreal to So Real

   When I last posted,  I was in Portland preparing for my trip to Peru. In the few days that passed since then, much has changed. Since this post is live it means I am in Lima at La Casa Nostra Hostel and waiting for my flight to Cusco on Peruvian Airlines tomorrow.

   Starting on Sunday I went from Portland to Denver, spent time with family recharging in my hometown a break from the often gloomy northwest for the dry blue sky a mile high. I fulfilled the necessary obligations, got Pho on Federal with family and saw my cousins I went to Argentina with. I found Mile High Bikram Yoga studio and was able to do one session. I had been missing it since practicing nearly daily since the end of July. At my home studio, Bikram Yoga Fremont I almost always drain my water bottle. I discovered that in the dry climate I only needed half the water, though I was seeing stars after triangle pose, due to the altitude. Life is an unexpected adventure, I never thought I would do Yoga in the heart of Colfax.

   On Wednesday, I packed and unpacked and repacked and was able to get 5 hours of sleep, a decent amount on a travel eve. Then rising at 5 am to catch my 7:30am flight to Fort Lauderdale, I was on my way.

Still surreal I landed and took the shuttle to the tri-rail to the shuttle to the airport to the shuttle to the hotel. When you save money you spend time. And that is okay, because I got to see more of Miami and got caught in a sun shower. Luckily I have a rain cover for my bag so unlike others I just smiled and enjoyed the experience. I got to my hotel went to the room and laid down for a bit. Public transport while cheap took 4 hours to get from Fort Lauderdale to Miami International.  Waking up hungry, I headed 4 blocks to Madrid café. I ate cold mussels, Sopa de mariscos, and mushrooms in garlic sauce. I thought sea food would be the best to get in a city by the sea. I had a Corona to wash it down. One of the other customers asked me what I was eating and I recommended it, though the giant bowl was a bit daunting. So with a full belly I walked back to the Best Western Premier and sat in a food coma for a while until I gathered the courage to go to sleep. In case you were wondering, I tend to experience my new environments through food. And that will always be a heavy focus for my tummy-centric soul.

Earlier Today, I went to the store to get some last minute supplies, mainly food for the flight. I am so used to American Travel, I forgot that LAN actually feeds you. Even on short flights. I wonder if Peruvian Airlines does.

The store I decided to go to was about two and a half miles from the Hotel. So I set out for a substantial enough walk, expecially in muggy Miami. I started sweating profusely about half an hour in, especially when the Florida sun was shining down so bright. I walked down Ponce De Leon, because it led directly to the Publix I was trying to find. I noticed the Corral Gables Trolley passing me by and decided that even if it wasn’t free, I would ride it on my way back. I stopped off in a Patisserie called Chocolate Living and had a spectacular Chocolate Cake. It is a lot like Pix Patisserie in Portland, except not  as cool. Still the cake and the caramel truffle I had were delectable. So after cooling off with chocolate cake and Peach Iced tea, which sadly came in a plastic bottle, I set off to the trolley stop passing two Peruvian restaurants on the way. I almost stopped for a Pisco sour, but I figured that I would have that soon enough.

I rode the trolley back and made it back to the hotel. Collected my back pack and carry on from storage and hopped on the shuttle to the airport at 7:00.

The shuttle driver dropped me off at concourse E, I guess he didn’t know that Lan is at J, so I grabbed a cart and walked the looooooong walk to the longer line at the ticket counter, After an hour in the line I made it through. The line for security was anti-climactic. I breezed through that in less then three minutes.  The restaurant last night, the hotel, and the airport line were a good introduction into immersion. Everyone around me was speaking Spanish. I just hope that I have the dedication to stick to Spanish and be as adventurous as I am trying to be. I made it to my gate J12 and boarded with a rumbling stomach, since all the excitement made me miss dinner, unless you count the chocolate cake.

 While writing this, I am high above the Pacific Ocean on a LAN flight from Miami to Lima. The map says we are nearing the land of Ecuador. I believe we are about halfway through this 5 and one half hour flight.

The magic of travel:  LAN Flight 2511 Miami to Lima October 5th 11:55pm

Ground speed  527mph, Altitude  35,000ft., Temperature -45 f,

Distance to destination 868 miles

Time to Destination 1:46

 I just sneezed loudly and hope I did not wake anyone up. I just finished watching an in flight movie. I also enjoyed a spectacular meal of tortellini. A small salad was included with parmesan as well as brie cheese and crackers and an red wine. What’s more there was a warm ceramic dish for the pasta, solid dishes for the salad, a glass for the wine, and metal silverware. Don’t forget the dessert, I thought it was flan at first, but it turned out to be caramel topped cheesecake. Don’t believe me check the photographic evidence.

With an actual glass of red wine

I am so excited, I will be there in an hour and a half. I want to make a serious resolution that once I get to Peru I will only speak Spanish. If It is an emergency I will speak english but that is all. *Of Course being here has scaled this theory back a little, but I still must make a resolute and conscious effort to speak majority in Spanish.

The idea of this post is to capture the excitement of travel. I am trying to capture the joy of taking 4 different types of public transit and loving it, of simply being in a new place and reveling in it. That is what ensures me that my traveler’s spirit is alive, it’s real. This is what I am meant to do. Chained to “home” is no place for me, especially if home is just a place where I keep my stuff. Of course home is where the people are that you love. But people are not mountains; they can be moved with less than seismic activity and much further. My love is travel. While I am not sure where my home is for now, I can rest easy knowing where my adventure lies. I know that one day the rest will be clear. Clear as the bright blue Denver sky or as the choice to spread your wings and fly. For what else is there?

I am posting this after taking a 4 hour nap. And my travelling body needs some rejuvenation. So How about a run through a small section of Miraflores? Or on the beach? Sounds good to me.

Viva Aventura


2 thoughts on “In Transit- Surreal to So Real

  1. Do you think that you will try to do so in Peru? I wonder if it is any different? I cannot believe how many cities you went through to begin your trip!

    1. Do you mean yoga? IF you do, then definitely. I was looking up studios prior to my trip. So far I have found two studios and should be able to go at least 3 times a week. If you mean find sunsets and eat great food. Then also definitely! 🙂 The reason I went through so many cities, was to take advantage of the summer special LAN had and the flight out of Miami was the best price. I also was able to see family in Denver and take advantage of standby flights to get me to Miami. It was a little daunting, but I am now in Cusco and I am loving it. Though altitude adjustment and travel fatigue did make me stay in bed for about 12 hours between last night and today 🙂

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